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Jamf Pro 10.27: Delivering improved quality of IT Admin life one release at a time

Jamf Pro 10.27 is released and looks to improve the IT Admin quality of life. We listened to your feedback and requests, and are proud to bring you this latest release.

Jamf Pro 10.27 is focused on improving day-to-day operations for admins, making Jamf easier to work with and device management simpler. We’ve listened to feedback and are confident that 10.27 responds to those workflow improvements requests. Additionally, this release includes on a stronger integration with Jamf Protect so admins can stay in Jamf Pro to do other Jamf things such as deploy a Jamf Protect package and plans.

In this release:

Azure AD for authentication & scoping
This release includes functionality that strengthen Jamf’s integrations and continues to support organizations in their movement from on-premises Active Directory to a more modern and secure infrastructure in the cloud. Admins are now able to add Azure AD as a cloud identity provider in Jamf Pro allowing them to easily and quickly perform searches, scope apps and settings to users and groups based on Azure AD credentials and authenticate users against those credentials to gain access to services.

For example, Jamf Pro admins can assign content to their users, the user can authenticate to Self Service with their Azure AD credentials and access the resources scoped to themselves by their admin.

Jamf Protect integration
If you have a Jamf Protect subscription, an admin can integrate their Jamf Protect console with their Jamf Pro instance and use that integration to deploy the Jamf Protect installer package and plan directly from Jamf Pro. Jamf Protect is natively presented in Jamf Pro, no more separate download and upload of the installer package.

Self Service updates for macOS
Jamf Self Service for macOS has been redesigned to provide users with an updated interface and improved user experience, including a redesigned left navigation bar, configuring URL schemes and branding enhancements.

Improvements to reduce day to day friction in managing devices
This release has a heavy focus on improving the “quality of life” for admins and also fulfilling some long-time requests with improvements to workflows that can be a common source of friction in day-to-day management of devices.

  • Hardware service: A hosted service will populate new hardware models that won’t be dependent on a subsequent Jamf Pro release so for example, if Apple releases new hardware between 10.27 and 10.28, admins will not have to wait until 10.28 to see those new models in their inventory.
  • Session handling: Now, when an admin is logged into Jamf Pro, we’ve extended the user session with additional types of activities and the admin will also be given more warning about session expiration. The goal with these changes is to strike a balance between usability and session security
  • We’ve removed Autocorrect on the login page and removed browser cache clearing during upgrades
  • Admins can set a cloud distribution point as a failover from a local distribution point so a client could try to download from a local resource first but if that fails, it will failover to a cloud distribution point
  • Notifications payload that admins can use to set notifications for any macOS app


  • Jamf Pro has supported integration with the Venafi Trust Protection Program since 10.23 and in this release, our Venafi integration now supports issuing and revoking SCEP certificates for all device types
  • Jamf Pro no longer issues device identity certificates that have an expiration date of greater than that of the Jamf Pro built-in certificate authority

As an IT Admin using the Jamf portfolio of products, you should be able create workflows that allow your day to be as frictionless as possible. Whether that’s staying in Jamf Pro to deploy a Jamf Protect package or simply having extended session handling. They say, it’s the little things that count, and when it comes to improving your day-to-day life, those little things can make a huge difference.

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