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October 14, 2020 by Garrett Denney

Jamf Pro unveils Device Compliance for iOS, enhances user interface and more

Expanded Microsoft partnership, Shared iPad enhancements and usability improvements headline new update

This year enterprise organizations have driven more digital transformation than anyone expected possible. As employees around the world began working from home, IT admins have seen the need for improved security and better integration among their management tools.

That’s why we are excited to unveil an expanded partnership with Microsoft to bring conditional access to mobile devices with a new integration: Device Compliance for iOS. We want you to be able to choose the best tool for the job at hand: Jamf for managing iOS devices and Microsoft for managing non-Apple mobile devices.

Device Compliance for iOS

Remote work, learning and healthcare has made mobile device security more important than ever. Whether your organization is delivering care for patients down the hall or supporting staff around the world, iOS devices are often a key part of your productivity strategy.

With Device Compliance for iOS, IT admins can leverage Jamf Pro’s deep inventory management to establish precise compliance criteria, ensuring that every managed device lives up to your organization’s security requirements.

This integration connects Jamf Pro and Microsoft Endpoint Manager to jointly check and ensure compliance. When a managed device tries to access company resources - like Office 365 - Microsoft will check the device against pre-defined criteria using information from Jamf Pro.

Our partnership with Microsoft started in 2017 with the launch of Conditional Access for Mac, empowering admins to share device information between the two products and offer remediation paths. In 2018 we expanded the partnership to create a more seamless login experience for end users, all with the goal of ensuring that trusted users are accessing corporate data from trusted applications on trusted devices.

Read more about Device Compliance for iOS.

Shared iPad enhancements

Facilitating shared devices in a safe and scalable way is critical for many businesses and Apple’s Shared iPad is the best way to use iPad for shared use. Today we are enhancing Shared iPad with new ways to tailor device functionality in shared environments.

For example, admins can now limit the number of user accounts on Shared iPads or even set a quota for individual user storage space. These additions make Shared iPad even more powerful for organizations that rely on shared devices.

Jamf Pro user interface updates

Finally, we updated Jamf Pro to make your day-to-day management more reliable. Now a new prompt will automatically appear when you try to navigate away from a page that contains unsaved information, like an unfinished configuration profile. We also introduced a new payload that lets you set the timezone on mobile devices during PreStage setup, ensuring that every device comes out of the box ready for its new environment.

Google Cloud BeyondCorp integration

Finally, we recently announced a new partnership with Google Cloud BeyondCorp to bring conditional access to organizations that use Google Cloud.

This integration extends conditional to more admins and helps secure organizational resources by checking the management status with Jamf Pro.

For more information or to set up the integration, please email google.ca@jamf.com.

Garrett Denney
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