Congratulations to the 2022 Jammies Award winners

Our annual Jammies Awards presentation celebrates customers and partners across our geographies and product lines for their outstanding accomplishments over the past year.

September 21 2022 by

Jeni Asaba

Congratulations to this year’s Jammies Award winners!

On Sept. 13 we were delighted to once again host the Jammies, Jamf’s annual awards celebration, where we recognized 22 customers and partners from around the globe in a truly unique and engaging display of appreciation. The 20-minute presentation highlighted the best-of-the-best in 12 categories, covering all the areas someone can engage with Jamf. From the Rising Star Award to recognizing the Story of the Year in three different geographies, we were proud to shine a bright light on these individuals. Check out this year’s winners below!

Rising Star (Customer): Presented to a customer who joined our Jamf Heroes customer advocacy program in the last year who consistently inspires success.
Winner: Salim Ukani

Rising Star (Partner): Presented to a partner who joined our Jamf Heroes partner advocacy program in the last year who consistently inspires success.
Winner: David Kindschi

Champion of Values (Customer): Presented to a customer who, no matter rain or shine, brings joy and optimism into every aspect of Jamf Heroes.
Winner: Justin Fincher

Champion of Values (Partner): Presented to a partner who brings continuous engagement and quality feedback into the Heroes program.
Winner: Nicola Lecchi

Beta Program Member of the Year: Presented to a member of the Beta program who went beyond the call of duty to provide valuable feedback that helped shape Jamf’s products.
Winner: Graham Pugh

Top Solutions Author: Presented to a Jamf Nation member who consistently gave valuable solutions to questions within the community over the last year.
Winner: Steve Dagley

Top Kudos: Presented to a Jamf Nation member who recognized the efforts of their fellow community contributors with well-placed (and thoughtful) kudos throughout the year.
Winner: Michael Morales

Top Contributor (Customer): Presented to a customer who contributed the most to the Jamf Heroes program with loads of participation, enthusiasm and a willingness to help others.
Winner: Sagar Rastogi

Top Contributor (Partner): Presented to a partner who provided brilliant feedback and participation in the Heroes program since it launched in late 2021.
Winner: Luke Baldwin

All-Star Student (AMER): Presented to a customer who impressed our Jamf trainers with her perseverance and kindness while in Jamf training.
Winner: Kimberly Escobar

All-Star Student (EMEIA): Presented to a customer who is always eager to participate in discussions while also being an enthusiastic Jamf Hero.
Winner: Tim de Jong

All-Star Student (APAC): Presented to a customer whose efforts to complete certifications really impressed our Jamf trainers.
Winner: Takanori Suzuki

Most Creative Use (Healthcare): Through the use of Jamf, Shannon helped build and implement a zero-touch process allowing their organization to grow their Mac population with ease.
Winner: Shannon Potter

Most Creative Use (Education): Randy used Jamf Pro to create a winning experience for teachers and social workers in his district by allowing them to streamline data collection used to assist students in and out of the classroom.
Winner: Randy Saeks

Most Creative Use (Commercial): Through the use of Jamf Pro, Haim minimized logistic tracking by automating reporting back to his asset management system to provide a full picture of each item employees had in their possession.
Winner: Haim Ziv

This year we’re also happy to announce two honorable mentions in this category!

Most Creative Use (Honorable Mentions):

Thom Martin heard the call from his end users and created a new process for providing notifications, allowing them to save their work, and their sanity.

Xavier Rotivel took the onboarding experience to the next level, using a web hook to create a customized onboarding experience for each employee based on location, in collaboration with their HR team.

Story of the Year (AMER): This story addressed how the college found that making the switch to Jamf improved efficiency of device deployment workflows for the IT department, while also setting the stage for further improvements in digital signage and authentication that continue to benefit students, faculty and staff.
Winner: Steve Johnson

Story of the Year (EMEIA): This video case study highlighted a digital transformation strategy that showed how to tailor learning experiences to students by using the many features of a one-to-one iPad program and Jamf School, enabling each student to reach their full potential.
Winner: James Jackson

Story of the Year (APAC): This story discussed the many benefits of using Jamf Pro to manage devices since introducing an employee selection system. They highlighted their excitement to continue exploring new forms of efficient Mac management in the enterprise.
Winner: Tetsuro Aoki

Gold Standard Award (AMER): Presented to a customer who’s a master of documentation (always planning for the future with diligence and detail). Debra is proactive and reliable in her work and has been an all-around top-notch customer.
Winner: Debra Tsutomi

Gold Standard Award (EMEIA): Presented to a customer who’s a prime example of an amazing admin. Toby exudes positivity and is excited to collaborate with Jamf to find solutions to whatever problems come his way.
Winner: Toby Fenna

Gold Standard Award (APAC): Presented to a customer recognized as someone who’s kind and open-minded to solutions. Mark is always willing to build relationships with Jamf’s Support team and want to help everyone succeed.
Winner: Mark Hailston

Jamf Longevity: Dan is a true friend of Jamf. He’s extremely passionate in helping his organization succeed with Jamf and Apple within their intricate environment and is an innovator within Visa, always pushing them to adapt and change while staying conscious of security requirements. He is a great partner internally and externally. Every interaction with Dan is engaging, collaborative and enlightening!
Winner: Dan Wojenski

Thank you to each and every one of our winners.

It’s an honor to work with you and watch how you continue to support Jamf, each other and your end users. Congratulations on your incredible Jammies win!

And don’t worry, if you missed the live show, you can sitll watch it on demand, below.

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