The Jammies Awards Celebration at JNUC 2021

Did you feel the passion? Did you experience the excitement? There was a lot to celebrate at JNUC this year! And possibly my favorite (outside of when Dean spoke about the MATTER Innovation Hubs) was The Jammies, an awards ceremony that celebrates Jamf’s most passionate, engaged, creative and thoughtful customers.

October 25 2021 by

Jeni Asaba

We recognize our success comes from the success of our great Jamf Nation, which is why we’re incredibly proud of the accomplishments of each of this year’s winners. To each of you, thank you for all you do to support Jamf, each other and your end users. It’s a privilege to work with you, and we’re honored to recognize you at JNUC 2021. Congratulations!

Award Winners

Champion of Values: Nominated by their fellow community members, this award goes to Jamf community members who selflessly helped others in Jamf Heroes and Jamf Nation over the last year. They demonstrated kindness and respect as they helped others succeed with Jamf and Apple.
Winners: Steve Dagley, Christopher Sweet and Kim Trojanowski

Rising Star: This award goes to a Jamf Hero who, upon joining the community within the last year, jumped in with a positive attitude. In a short time, they made inspiring efforts to help Jamf, their end users and their fellow Heroes.
Winner: Sagar Rastogi

All-Star Student: This award goes to individuals who, while completing one of Jamf’s certification courses, maintained positive, can-do attitudes while working collaboratively with their fellow classmates to help ensure everyone’s success.
Winners: Jeff Bray, Will Burrows, Eugen Popescu and Chris Leduc

Gold Standard: This award goes to the people who exemplify grace under pressure, empathy, kindness, and all the qualities that are much appreciated when folks interact with Jamf’s Support team. Thank you to our customers for being great when getting in touch with Jamfs who are here to help you succeed!
Winners: Chris Hafner, Frank Winterpil and Kevin Jackson

Story of the Year: This award goes to a customer who went above and beyond to first create a success story in their environment, and then take the time to share the details of their success with us. We’re so grateful to learn from Peter and his team!
Winner: Peter Loobuyck

Beta & RC Program Members of the Year: This award goes to people who dedicate their time and expertise with Jamf to us as we develop, test and release product. We’re so grateful for your willingness to help us be the best we can for all our customers.
Winners: Dan Snelson (Beta), Kim Trojanowski (RC)

Most Creative Use of Jamf: These individuals were selected by a panel of Jamfs for their demonstrated creativity and success when using Jamf in their environments. Your work is incredibly impressive!
Winners: James Rafel, Jana Kass, Becky Ruckno, Graham Pugh and James Smith

Jamf Longevity: This award goes to long-time customers. During their tenure, they’ve exemplified Jamf’s core values. They pushed us to always be better with tenacity and respect. And for that we thank them.
Winners: Jennifer Unger, Tanya Pfeffer and Norman Leung

Jennifer Unger is an admin everyone would want at their organization. She displays Jamf’s value of selflessness to the core. Jen is always willing to step up and help others, and she is a true team player. Thank you for your continued support of Jamf, Jennifer, and congratulations!

Tanya Pfeffer has demonstrated Jamf’s core values for many years. She approaches her interactions with Jamf and the community with empathy and respect. She employs critical thinking and creative solutions to enable organizations to succeed. We look forward to continue growing with you, Tanya. Congratulations!

Norman Leung is a repeat visitor to Jamf events. Consistently offering sound advice, Norm is a founding member of the New York City Jamf User Group and a long-standing member of the New York City Jamf and Apple Community. Thank you for your dedication to help us and others succeed, Norm!

Each of the winners will receive a stylish award, as well as a donation to a charity of their choice. Congratulations again to all of you!

Thank you, Jamf Nation, for giving us so many amazing things to celebrate at JNUC 2021! I look forward to seeing all of the incredible things you’ll accomplish over the next year! And don’t worry, if you missed The Jammies during JNUC, the session is available on demand here. Laugh, celebrate and participate — then maybe we can celebrate you at JNUC 2022!

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