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March 1, 2021 by Katie English

JNUC Call for sessions

We're already planning for Virtual JNUC 2021 on October 19-21, and we'd love to feature your perspective!

Last year, we hosted the very first virtual Jamf Nation User Conference, and this year, we want to top that massive success with another virtual event, coming to a browser near you on October 19-21, 2021.

Just like previous years, we are seeking you, the endlessly creative members of Jamf Nation, to share your best stories as a JNUC presenter. If you’re interested, we’d love to showcase your tale of saving IT time and empowering users with the best Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV experience.

Already know you want to submit a session idea?

Need some help? Read on!

Topics to consider


Your IT infrastructure is complex, and a lot of systems need to talk to each other. Your fellow admins would love to learn about:

  • Integration of Jamf and Microsoft for Conditional Access for Mac, Device Compliance for iOS, Azure authentication, or Office 365 configuration. What is the lifecycle management of Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and even apps like Microsoft Edge on all Apple devices?
  • Google Workspace and collaboration tools: Google Chrome, extension management and Chrome Browser Cloud Management
  • How to use apps like Explain Everything or Showbie alongside the Jamf Teacher app
  • Open-source resources that work well with Jamf, contributions to the growing library of application and custom settings content for other admins
  • How to use Jamf alongside one of our 300+ Marketplace partners to achieve your goals


Your IT landscape looks a lot different than it used to. How has your organization navigated:

  • Transitioning your workforce or school district to remote environments
  • Hiring many new employees and streamlining their onboarding experience in the process
  • Rolling out a new employee-choice program or worker safety program to better serve and protect your end users
  • Expanding the use of Apple for new use-cases for providers, patients, and their families
  • Growing your Apple deployment in scale and complexity
  • Updating reporting of your Apple fleet in response to a new legal or regulatory changes
  • Expansion or acquisitions

Presentation Levels

Back to the basics

JNUC attracts both new and long-established Jamf community members. The rapid growth of the Apple IT community means we have a lot of new colleagues who can benefit from best practice guidance, helpful hints and mistakes to avoid. We welcome your how-to's, hard-earned insights, and tips for success, such as:

  • Automation: Using Jamf to reduce manual admin intervention
  • Flexibility: Tasks you’ve tackled with profiles, policies, scripts and/or packages
  • Awareness: Workflows, tools, commands and resources that lead to success

Take attendees on a deep dive

After being an Apple professional for some time, people tend to pick up specialties. Do you have expertise in:

  • endpoint security?
  • Log management?
  • Conditional access?
  • Patching?

We welcome advanced content demonstrating the synthesis of Jamf and all of the other tools you use to manage your Apple fleet.

What sort of expert are you?

Identity expert: You're moving from legacy LDAP, and you're rolling out Jamf Connect. You've updated your deployments to use single sign-on (SSO), and your enrollment customizations and packages keep automated deployments on the rails. Maybe you use Jamf and Microsoft to enforce conditional access for Mac or device compliance for iOS. You're finding ways to shorten the distance between cloud and client.

Security expert: You hunt, analyze, or remediate threats to Apple devices. You research malware or vulnerabilities to the Apple ecosystem. You not only work with certificates, tokens and smart cards, but also take care to preserve the end-user experience. How has Jamf Protect changed the landscape of security in your organization? What data have you imported to your SIEM to monitor risks in real time? What workflows have you set up to support threat hunting and remediation in Apple devices? Have you spent time looking at novel vulnerabilities, targeted attacks, or malware that affect Apple devices?

Industry workflow expert: You have large fleets of iOS and iPadOS devices deployed in the hands of your first line workers. Whether deploying iPhone for nurses or iPad for the manufacturing floor, your IT team has partnered across the organization with executive leadership, project management, and other line of business sponsors to define your strategy with a focus on outcomes for users first. With that goal, you aligned the right mix of partners and integrated technology can empower worker efficiencies in new way.

Education expert: You help teachers succeed with Apple technology in the classroom and aid students in responsible computing. You balance the challenges of security, student privacy and instructional needs, and have innovating outcomes Apple Classroom and Schoolwork alongside Jamf School or Jamf Pro. You've engaged students, teachers and parents with the Jamf Student, Jamf Parent and Jamf Teacher apps. You use managed Apple IDs for shared devices and you manage online standardized exams.

In short

Think about the tools you've built, the documentation you've written, the scripts you've updated, the remote workflows you've deployed, or how so many things changed with macOS Big Sur.

Think about the lessons you've learned about securing vital data when so many of our coworkers around the globe have moved to home offices. Think about how you've changed your organization's identity management, or how you've extended your internal infrastructure to the outside world in ways you've never done before.

Now: Think about how you’ve used Jamf tools to get those things done.

JNUC is about the power of the Apple admin community, from the mailing lists of IT yore to the multimedia demonstrations of 2021. We can't wait to hear about the challenges you've overcome, and the successes you've had managing Apple devices. Come tell us your story!

Katie English
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