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March 2, 2023 by Laurie Mona

JNUC 2023 Call for sessions

Tell us your tech success story at the next Jamf Nation User Conference in Austin, Texas.

The 2023 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) will be held in Austin, Texas, from Tuesday, Sept. 19 – Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023.

As the largest gathering of Apple admins in the world, we bring together the brightest minds to discuss innovative ways to solve today’s IT and InfoSec problems.

This year we’re offering three attendance options: in-person, virtual or keynote only.

New for this year’s hybrid model - all sessions will be presented live in Austin and live-streamed to the virtual audience – there will be no sessions that are pre-recorded or virtual-only.

What do we want from you? We’re looking for the best tech stories you have to share with the community as a JNUC presenter.

Why speak at JNUC?

This is your chance to help others learn from your challenging experiences, share innovative solutions, and recommend the best practices to help your colleagues around the world succeed with Apple.

Speakers also receive complimentary conference registration, including full-conference access to attend the keynote, breakout sessions, networking opportunities, the Jamf Nation Party, JNUC swag and more.

Ready to apply? Go ahead and submit your session proposal.

Not sure what we’re looking for?

Simply put, JNUC is the place where our customers hear how other customers use our products.

We want to hear your story. What makes your organization unique, and what have your challenges been in the IT space?

Consider the ways you use Jamf products and our partners to empower your people and simplify your work. What problems have you solved? What has your journey been to get there? What have you learned along the way, and what advice would you like to share?

Need a little more inspiration? Here’s a sampling of topics that our community would like to see.

Optimizing IT Workflows

Mac workflows:

Whether you have 10 Macs or 10,000, our attendees want to hear how you are deploying and managing Macs in your environment. We’re looking for presentations from any industry, on topics ranging from technical content such as scripting to how your organization successfully implemented an employee device choice program.

Mobile workflows:

With today’s remote work environment, many organizations are diving into iOS and iPadOS management and security for the first time. We’d love to help attendees learn more about:

  • Successful employee choice and BYOD programs
  • How your school, business or healthcare organizations is using shared devices
  • How you are managing and securing devices for a mobile workforce

The role of technology in education has changed rapidly over the last few years, with mobile use now commonplace as schools adapt their approach to learning and teaching. The challenge: developing solutions to make sure the technology enhances learning and teaching, rather than getting in the way of it. Share your approach on:

  • Solutions to keep the focus on the end goal, allowing technology to be the driver
  • Scaling up and managing the deployment of your mobile devices
  • Impact on teacher confidence or uptake of new approaches in delivery

Identity and Cloud Workflows:

Our community wants to hear about cloud identity workflows that simplify the Apple experience for users while enhancing security. We’d love to hear your experience of how you control which devices have access to various services and data sources in your organization via conditional access integration with Jamf.

Can you speak to:

  • Using a cloud identity provider for zero-touch deployment account provisioning
  • Using conditional access with Jamf
  • Specific integrations with, but not limited to Microsoft, Google BeyondCorp and Okta


Jamf offers hundreds of integrations with tools to streamline IT, InfoSec and other processes. The Jamf Marketplace is the central location for our customers to find, learn about and use valuable tools that integrate with and extend the Jamf platform.

From cross-industry integrations to specific solutions, we want to hear how you’ve integrated the Jamf platform with Jamf Marketplace partners to achieve impactful business and education outcomes.

Apple innovation in your environment

We look forward to what’s new from Apple each year because it’s the innovative workflows behind the scenes that brings their legendary consumer experience to life. Is your organization an early adopter? We’d love to hear about your successful implementation of Apple innovations, including:

  • Account Driven User Enrollment for a BYOD program
  • Single Sign-On Extensions and improving the user experience
  • How Declarative Device Management changed how you inventory your devices

In Education, are you doing something that is transforming the learning experience of your end users? Your experience could impact another institution’s approach, such as:

  • Developing personalized learning approaches
  • Redefining the classroom experience
  • Supporting equity of learning to impact on all learners’ success

Industry-specific solutions

Have you found success with solutions unique for your industry? Do you:

  • Ensure security and compliance in a highly regulated industry like FinTech
  • Change the patient experience with Virtual Visits or Healthcare Listener
  • Support teaching and learning with workflows from Jamf Parent or Jamf Teacher

From classrooms to aviation, finance and government to hospitals, we want to hear how you use Jamf every day to empower success, simplify work or enhance the learning experience.

Going beyond management

Are you an adopter of multiple Jamf products? Have you made the jump from just Mac to both Mac and mobile? However you use Jamf beyond device management to simplify your work and enhance the Mac or mobile experience, we want to hear your success stories! Can you share:

  • Your experience with using Jamf Business or Fundamentals Plan
  • Your adoption of Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Your experience rolling out Jamf Protect across your entire Mac fleet

Enhancing the end-user experience

At the heart of everything you do is your end user. In business, providing a seamless experience means happier and more productive employees, and a more positive work environment.

In education, we’ve heard teachers can either love or hate technology in the classroom, often from a fear or lack of training. The fast pace of change and wide adoption of technology use can be scary, but the proper tools can help, and positively impact the end user.

Whether it’s how you’ve integrated tools like Jamf Teacher or Jamf Parent to support your educators and learners, or how Jamf Self Service makes employees more self-sufficient, here’s your chance to teach the JNUC community how you’ve created a great experience in your world.

New ideas welcome

If your story doesn’t fit any of these categories, great! We’d love to hear proposals for ideas that are new to us. If there’s an IT challenge you’ve faced or a hard-earned lesson you’ve learned, you can be sure there are peers in the community who could benefit from hearing your story.

Whether you’re interested in presenting a best practices session of how-to’s and helpful hints, or an expert deep dive into a special interest area, we want to hear your real-world experience.

Come tell us about it.

Need just a little more inspiration?

Check out a couple of Jamf Nation posts from past presenters on Why I Present (including tips on how) and Finding Your Presentation Inspiration.

You can also download the JNUC Speaker's Prospectus for more information.

Important dates

  • March 1, 2023 – call for sessions submission opens
  • April 28, 2023 – call for sessions submission closes
  • June 1, 2023 – Sessions chosen and notifications sent
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