New Apple hardware is here. Are you ready?

Discover ways to take full advantage of Apple's new technology with the help of the Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and the Casper Suite.

November 19 2014 by

Apple continues to raise the bar with new hardware announcements — releasing new iterations of most products at least once a year. Each iteration is smarter and faster, further accelerating the productivity of users, businesses, and schools. 2014 has been a big year for Apple hardware. Apple introduced the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 plus, the iMac with retina display, the iPad Air 2, and the Apple Watch. Apple has yet again transformed the world of technology with these releases, pushing the envelope in mobility, personal computing, and wearable technologies. This time around, Apple has focused on innovating powerful new ways for all of these devices to connect with one another and connect to the user.

Challenges when adopting new hardware

Users are excited about this new technology and the leaders of organizations are already allocating budgets for future deployments. High demand and rapid adoption for Apple technologies are introducing new levels of pressure for IT groups looking to manage them. All of this hardware comes along with a host of deployment, migration, inventory and security challenges. How can this hardware be seamlessly and securely deployed in a scalable and simple way? How can this process be made easy for both IT and for users? When users require multiple devices, how can IT scale deployments to meet the needs?

Apple's Device Enrollment Program to the rescue

With the right tools in place, all of this can be accomplished. Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) provides the perfect technology for large-scale deployments of new hardware in businesses and schools (whether large-scale is defined as a couple dozen, a couple thousand, or more.) When new Apple hardware is purchased from an Apple store in the United States, DEP can be used to automatically enroll devices in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution during initial device setup — automating a large portion of enterprise configuration and provisioning.

Pair DEP with the Casper Suite for maximum efficiency

The Casper Suite provides a world-class MDM infrastructure with DEP integration to enable businesses to seamlessly set up and provision new iOS and OS X devices for users. With DEP and the Casper Suite, device enrollment is an easy process for IT and users during deployments, saving time for everyone involved in the enrollment and deployment of a new device. This helps the user hit the ground running, and take advantage of productivity apps and content almost immediately — with management and guidance right out of the box.

Learn more about how to make deployments simple for users and scalable for IT with the Casper Suite.

Photo credit: Omar Jordan Fawahl

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