The Power of Pairing - Jamf and Oomnitza

Learn how to improve on the power of Mobile Device Management with Jamf by integration with Enterprise Technology Management from Oomnitza.

October 5 2022 by


History is full of examples of technology becoming more valuable when combined or integrated with a complementary solution. Let's call this a "pairing," similar to a combination of great food and wine that elevates the dining experience.

A great technology pairing can elevate the user experience and achieve outcomes that might not have been possible before they were used together. The pairing between Apple and Adobe helped transform graphics design across many industries for over 30 years. If you are either a graphic design professional or a hobbyist, chances are you are using Adobe Photoshop and a MacBook Pro.

So how to improve on the power of Jamf?

As a Jamf professional, you already know how Jamf can manage and secure the full lifecycle of your Apple devices and applications across your entire ecosystem.

But beyond your Apple assets, the IT landscape of most organizations is quite heterogeneous and diverse. You may have datacenter systems from multiple vendors using different operating systems and virtualization technologies. And running on those systems can be countless enterprise applications including human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), IT service management (ITSM), customer relationship management (CRM) and many more, all of which need to be managed and secured.

But wait…your organization has embraced software as a service (SaaS) and most of the enterprise workloads mentioned here are in the cloud. While it may add significant strategic value to your enterprise, it does not remove the fact that technology, whether in your office or in the cloud, also needs to be managed and secured.

Enter another great pairing: Jamf and Oomnitza Enterprise Technology Management (ETM), that gives you a comprehensive and holistic view of all the technology throughout your enterprise to help manage key business processes.

What is Oomnitza?

Oomnitza is an Enterprise Technology Management solution that enables you to automate key business processes with a unified visibility of all technology assets, such as hardware, software, SaaS, and network devices. Oomnitza enables you to control and automate processes across your IT estate, to optimize resources, security, compliance, finance and the digital experience.

Oomnitza features a native integration with Jamf Pro that can connect in minutes to provide comprehensive, accurate and actionable insight. ETM helps break down tech silos that exist in every organization to give you a “big picture” view into your entire technology landscape. This is powered by Oomnitza’s 900 integration points from over 130 technologies that give you unparalleled visibility and control of your entire enterprise.

With Jamf Pro and Oomnitza, you can:

  • Track and manage the lifecycle of all technology including infrastructure, software, SaaS, cloud, and accessories from a single comprehensive and actionable holistic view
  • Flag atypical behavior such as unexpected network devices, endpoints that have not checked in to Jamf for an extended period of time, and other anomalies that require action
  • Automate time-consuming activities like manual patching, configuration updates, and service installations, easier and with less effort
  • Create and customize workflows to automate cross-functional business processes such as employee onboarding and offboarding or installing software selected from the Jamf Pro app portal
  • Run corporate-wide reports that detail the distribution and status of every piece of technology in your environment
  • Have a single repository for all configuration data to enrich your CMDB

ETM can benefit your organization across a number of process areas:

  • Security - fortify the security posture of your Apple and non-Apple endpoints and improve the capability for an informed response to cybersecurity
  • Compliance - streamline compliance verification for frameworks including Soc 2, NIST, COBIT, ISO, etc.
  • Audit - accelerate software audit readiness, accuracy and execution
  • Employee experience - ensure your Apple users have an enhanced customer experience through better support representative productivity
  • Finance - optimize your Apple and non-Apple resources, and help better forecast technology investment

You can learn more about the integration of Jamf and Oonitza at the JNUC 2022 session, “IT Process Automation with Oomnitza and Jamf”.

Check out Oomnitza in the Jamf Marketplace for an overview of how we can help manage and secure your entire organization with Jamf Pro.

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