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Play Well with Others: Creative User Interaction and the JSS

Play Well with Others: Creative User Interaction and the JSS

Katie English, a JAMF Software professional services engineer with 318 JAMF Software engagements under her belt, took to the stage at the 2015 JAMF Nation User Conference (JNUC) to discuss simple scripts and basic customizations to encourage creative user interaction. She explained how you can use these scripts and customizations to build support tools, operational workflows, and end user notifications into your existing JAMF Software Server (JSS) infrastructure.

Prior to walking through script and code examples, she discussed the reasons behind wanting your end users to be interactive. As she explained, there are three main goals: 1) influence user behavior 2) increase IT efficiency 3) increase user satisfaction. 

“If we can get an end user to behave in a way that saves us five or six steps, awesome,” she said. "If we can do it more quickly, end users are likely to love us." 

English then dove into three examples of creative user interaction in the JSS: 

  • Emailing from Self Service
  • Policy reminders with relative deferral 
  • Imaging and extension attributes

All sample code and scripts that she used to accomplish the above tasks have been posted on JAMF Nation: