Stolen Machine? IT to the Rescue

October 15 2013 by

Andrina Kelly presents at the 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

We're big fans of detective stories, and Andrina's story was a captivating saga of a stolen laptop from her organization, Bell Media. Call the police. End of story right? Nope. No way. First, that would have been a short story. What made this story so interesting was that the laptop was being managed by her JSS. And…was checking in. Wait, how is that possible? Was the Mac stolen and the admin password compromised? We actually don't want to spoil the end of the story for you because it is worth watching the video once we post it. But here are some spoilers: Prey tracking software was used, there was some key logging going on, Keychain snooping, and a beaver-based beer commercial. So, not your typical conference presentation!

The story dovetailed nicely into Andrina's conversation with the audience about how admins secure their laptops and their user's data. The event actually moved their organization to begin securing their data with FileVault encryption. The audience had some great stories of stolen laptops, working with detectives, and an example of users being upset once they realized that usage information can be obtained by the IT admins. Controversial topics for sure, and a great way to start some conversations about security and how to use the JSS this week.

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