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March 23, 2020 by Megan Bull

The Business Benefits of a Positive Digital Employee Experience

Organisations using MDM can create a positive digital employee experience which directly leads to business benefits. Engagement, motivation and end results are all a product of the working experience provided by you.

Unless employers have a clear understanding of what employees want from their workplace tech tools, employee experience (EX) can suffer. This, in turn, impacts how engaged, motivated and even able they are to deliver an optimum customer experience, with obvious implications for the business.

When it comes to digital EX, people expect the same experience from the companies they work for that they are getting as consumers, and the technologies that have helped to raise customer expectations are now influencing employees’ expectations of the workplace. From choosing devices to picking apps, they want options that will help them do their best work.

Leaders say they are choosing technology with their people in mind, but employees don’t always agree. In a PwC survey*, 90% of C-suite executives believed their company paid attention to people’s needs when introducing new technology, but only about half of the staff said the same. That digital EX gap matters.

Digital workplaces that support an exceptional digital EX will reap the benefits. For example, by speeding up routine tasks with the right tech tools, employees can make better decisions faster, and are able to be more productive – a crucial element of EX - while teams can collaborate more efficiently with each other.

Mobile device management (MDM) which involves the deployment, integration and management of digital devices in the workplace, can play a crucial role in facilitating this, as furniture and homeware brand Made.com recently discovered, when it introduced an MDM system.

Previously the process for setting up laptops and devices had been carried out manually. But as the business began to scale, with up to ten new employees starting each week and needing their digital equipment configured, as well as ensuring all the in-store devices were running smoothly, the company struggled to keep pace and began losing hours of time dealing with basic configuration tasks.

Implementing the MDM system enabled the employees, particularly those working remotely, to manage smaller IT issues quickly without having to call on the IT department. This created greater efficiencies across the organisation, resulting in the delivery of a higher quality of customer service.

Providing employees with the tools and the technology that enables them to do their best work creates a positive digital EX that will boost levels of engagement and productivity and increase their loyalty to the organisation, in turn, delivering significant benefits to the business.

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*PwC’s Consumer Intelligence Series, ‘Our status with tech at work: It’s complicated.”

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Megan Bull
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