The Egg of Columbus

October 15 2013 by

Marko Jung from the University of Oxford presents The Egg of Columbus at JAMF Nation User Conference

Cam Evjen got things started with the backstory to this session description. Marko Jung, team lead at the University of Oxford and longtime FOJ (friend of JAMF), is a wonderful speaker. When Cam asked Marko if he’d participate in this year’s JNUC, the answer was a resounding “yes.” “Ok Marko, we’ll need a session description to get things started, and we can build our Keynote later.” A week goes by, then two… “Marko?” No “Polo” was heard on the other end. Until finally, right before schedules went to print, Cam received a session description all about the Egg of Columbus.

So what’s the Egg of Columbus, anyway? In short, it’s a brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or obvious to others after the fact. Once a feat has been done, anyone can know how to do it. This was exactly Marko’s point. With the wealth of knowledge our fellow admins have acquired from the six Apple operating system releases and seven hardware releases in the last year alone, why not take some imaging cues from our fellow admins? Marko proceeded to crack the proverbial egg wide open and served up a smorgasbord of fresh imaging strategies and principles. The crowd ate it up.

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