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November 10, 2021 by JJ Parker

The factory floor comes alive with digital signage

Together, Carousel Cloud and Jamf MDM enhance the native capabilities of Apple TV, making it the perfect digital media player for conveying information and inspiration to your workers.

Jamf + Carousel: Extending our services to small business customers

We at Carousel Digital Signage have always been passionate about the Apple ecosystem. It is the main reason we came together with Jamf in 2017: We admired their ability to bring the Apple experience to enterprise environments and keep device management tasks simple for the end user.

We have since brought our partnership to corporate and education customers in North America and beyond, with Carousel Cloud and Jamf Pro converting Apple TV devices into powerful digital signage media players. This was both a cost-effective and compelling way to simplify system management and provide businesses and schools with a fresh and dynamic digital communications platform.

Our partnership is now bringing the same benefits to customers who typically lack IT departments but want to use digital signage for the same reasons. The new Jamf Now platform was built specifically for these organizations that need even greater simplicity in device deployment, security and management for their digital signage networks.

Jamf Now helps bring digital signage to the factory floor

Manufacturing businesses have been early adopters of Jamf Now, partially for the reasons stated above. But manufacturing plants are also busy spaces, with workers focused on assembly and efficiency. There are few if any computers, and workers aren’t whipping out their phones every few minutes to read emails. These workers still need to understand production processes, shipping deadlines and safety protocols, and they still want to feel connected to their peers.

Digital signage offers a way to reach every worker on the factory floor. Manufacturers that use Carousel Cloud can easily create, publish and target the right content to the right screens, helping management keep messages fresh and up to date using existing IT infrastructure. Jamf Now adds more value by bringing down the costs of the media player, using compact Apple TV devices that can be connected to screens anywhere in the plant.

The labor of managing Apple TV is also eliminated for Jamf Now customers, who have a highly secure MDM platform to incorporate sensitive business information. Carousel Cloud and Jamf Now commonly support Microsoft Power BI, a business intelligence platform that allows manufacturers to collect, aggregate and visualize metrics across the digital signage network in real time.

Fresh off of co-presenting “Engagement and Culture at Pallet Service” with Jamf at the Virtual JNUC Conference, we invite you to reach out to discuss how we can help your business turn any screen into a dynamic information hub or even a resourceful collaboration space. Reach out to sales@carouselsignage.com or info@jamf.com at any time.

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JJ Parker
Tightrope Media Systems
JJ Parker is the co-founder and CEO of Tightrope Media Systems, which makes the Carousel Digital Signage software and Cablecast Community Media products. A nerd since childhood, he believes that entrepreneurship is an artistic expression and every business should be treated as an art project. When he's not building companies, he's spending time with his wife and three kids on the lake, playing tennis, snowboarding or hanging off the side of a mountain.
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