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Aaron Sams speaks with a student in his classroom, introducing us to the flipped classroom educational model.

The Flipped Classroom - The Future of Education?

If you're in education, chances are you’ve heard the expression “flipping the classroom”. The concept is intriguing, and has attracted attention, both positive and negative since its inception in 2007. "Flipping the Classroom" was pioneered by teachers Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, joint authors of the book, Flip Your Classroom. In short, the flipped classroom is a teaching model that brings homework and activities into the classroom while moving lectures out. By reversing the standard teaching blueprint, students are able to move through topics at their own pace and learn not only from their teacher, but their fellow classmates.

Technology complements and supports this model as today's student body is comprised of digital natives who are already expert users. iBooks are starting to be used in really amazing ways and are transforming the method in which students interact with information. And there are hidden benefits to the extra hours of screen time. By moving from pen and paper to finger and tablet, educators are extending their mentoring abilities by exploiting new interactive opportunities and breathing new life into the saying “information at your fingertips.”

In this video, Aaron Sams introduces us to his classroom and gives us a in-depth look at his preferred method of teaching.

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