The Genius of Your Own Corporate Genius Bar

October 17 2013 by

Created an internal Genius Bar and using Self Service to create a community-based support model with a small, agile support staff - 2013 JAMF Nation User Conference

Nationwide may be an insurance company, but insurance isn’t the only thing they specialize in. An IT team of two, Bill Miller, engineer for client computing, and Chris Slagle, are accountable for the entire Mac population. From support, to deployment, and even website development, they do it all.

Doing more with less is a trending theme these days, but these guys weren’t about to take it lying down. They came up with a way to not only incorporate Macs into the fold, but also scale their efforts so future platform growth wouldn’t be a problem. How’d they do it? With a little bit Self Service, a ‘Genius Bar’, a powerful community-based support site, and of course, a whole lotta smarts. By enabling people to help themselves and their peers, they free up a ton of time to develop programs that raise the bar even further. It seems Nationwide has you covered, whether you’re a client or an employee.

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