Jamf Nation User Conference 2019 Keynotes

Couldn’t make JNUC this year? Bummer, but we’ve got you covered on the keynotes.

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Celebrating 10 Years of JNUC

November 12, 2019

Dean Hager, Chief Executive Officer, Jamf

No technology company focuses on the end user better than Apple. Add in the power of Jamf, and now IT admins can do an even better job focusing on the people, deploying Apple en masse while preserving the legendary Apple user experience. The combination of Apple and Jamf delivers on user experience, privacy and security. With more to showcase than ever in this keynote that kicked off JNUC 2019, we’ll take you on a journey through our product portfolio and explain the most efficient, secure ways to onboard and connect users to organizational resources, manage entire fleets of Apple devices, and protect hardware and software investments.

Jamf at Work

November 13, 2019

Dave Alampi, Chief Marketing Officer, Jamf

Apple helps people do their best at work, and those who choose Apple should get the very best of Apple – which is where Jamf comes in. In this keynote, Jamf leaders will talk directly to our enterprise customers on new and improved ways we are supporting IT and security teams to connect, manage and protect Apple devices and users. Strategic partners and innovative customers will also join Jamf on stage to show how they’re using Apple and Jamf to empower end users, reimagine workflows and transform businesses… all while upholding personal privacy and organizational security.

Jamf in School

November 13, 2019

Sam Johnson, Chief Customer Officer, Jamf

“Every student deserves the best learning opportunity.” Born in education, Jamf encapsulates this spirit in everything we create to serve our education customers. Attend this keynote to learn how Jamf, our partners and our customers empower IT admins with education technology “that just works” to create an active learning environment, promote personalized learning and improve student equity.

Jamf Nation User Conference 2019

The largest gathering of Apple system administrators in the world.