Brad Anderson de Microsoft explique l’Accès Conditionnel

« Les attaques auxquelles nous sommes confrontés, leur niveau de de sophistication et la vitesse à laquelle elles se propagent sont tels que l’esprit et la main de l’homme ne sont pas capables de les résoudre seuls », explique Brad Anderson, vice-président de Microsoft.

In this video, Brad Anderson, Corporate Vice President of the Enterprise Client & Mobility (ECM) team at Microsoft, discusses the Jamf and Microsoft partnership, which provides an automated compliance management solution for Mac devices accessing applications set up with Azure AD authentication. This collaboration leverages conditional access to ensure that only trusted users, from compliant devices, using approved apps, are accessing company data.

“Every organization is going to have a mix of devices and operating systems, we need to accommodate them with modern management principles.” said Anderson. “This ultimately increases your end users, decreases your costs. We now have a richer solution to enable organizations on their device of choice.”

The role of this partnership is to deliver a secure and modern workplace that is loved by users and trusted by IT. With more data living in the cloud, and less behind a firewall, organizations must move from a perimeter-based security model to an identity-based model. What makes this process unique from other vendors claiming conditional access is that devices are not required to pass through the proxy. By avoiding the proxy, organizations enjoy a more secured type of protection. Anderson believes this could help alleviate 80 percent of breaches.

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