IBM MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services

Putting Mac to work in the enterprise.

IBM has announced its new MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services for macOS and iOS.

This new cloud-based IT service helps enterprises easily, securely, and confidently integrate Macs with their enterprise systems and applications by leveraging IBM’s unparalleled enterprise expertise and 100,000+ industry consultants.

With IBM expertise and Jamf's industry-leading Mac management tool — Jamf Pro — you will be able to leverage the same tool IBM uses to manage their rapidly growing Mac fleet.

Advantages of the IBM MobileFirst Mobility Management Services include:

  • An enterprise-friendly Apple user experience
  • Lower software platform management costs by leveraging the efficiencies of IBM's “factory” based end-to-end model
  • Streamlined image design and build
  • More consistent, stable, and integrated software packages
  • New software applications or patches delivered to the right users at the right time, regardless of their location
  • User device software that is monitored and secure
  • Simplified support requests that enhance productivity
  • Easy tailoring of multiple software platforms to business-unit-specific requirements
  • 24/7 self-service portal that gives users more control and one place to resolve issues
Ease of adoption and use are at the foundation of every Apple product. IBM’s new enterprise services ensure a great user experience for clients using Macs, providing world-class support from installation through the life of the product.
Richard Patterson General manager, Infrastructure Services, IBM Global Technology Services

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If you have a growing Mac population and want to take advantage of IBM’s MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services to ensure management success and a great user experience, reach out to your IBM or Jamf representative. Or, choose how you would like to learn more.

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