Flattening the Distance-Learning Curve with a 1-to-1 iPad Program

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools transitioned to distance learning to continue education and keep students, teacher and parents safe. Distance learning and hybrid models — combination of in class and at home — continue to be the norm and technology is at the heart of education.

Schools that are able to offer students a 1-to-1 technology program — meaning each student has their own device — are at a distinct advantage over those who are not. So how can your school economically offer a 1-to-1 program or maximize the one you already have in place?

Jamf and Second Life Mac partnered to provide guidance on:

  • Ways to fund 1-to-1 technology initiatives
  • Roles of hardware refreshes when planning budgeting (comparing iPad to Chromebook)
  • When and how to refresh to get the most money back
  • How to deploy and manage hardware for your 1-to-1 program
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