Jamf and TRUCE Software Empowers the Deskless Workforce to be Safer and More Productive

Partnership delivers an integrated, contextual Apple mobility solution that makes devices adaptable to the user’s changing environment.

MINNEAPOLIS – January 28, 2021 – Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the standard in Apple Enterprise Management and TRUCE Software, the first platform to offer a contextually-aware and responsive mobile device management solution for businesses, today announced a partnership and integrated solution providing new advantages to the massive deskless workforce and improving worker safety.

Jamf Worker Safety powered by TRUCE is an integrated solution that provides an automated safety layer for Apple devices managed by Jamf Pro. This new solution dynamically enforces an employer’s mobile use policy by customizing app availability, notification settings and other device functions based on location or movement. Leveraging a TRUCE integration with Jamf Pro, the solution returns devices to normal operation when they are not in a protected state and respects the employee’s app, web, messages and photos privacy at all times. This eliminates safety risks while employees use mobile devices at work and helps employers ensure they’re enforcing intended use without infringing on employee privacy.

“More organizations are embracing mobile devices to replace legacy workflows, and this shift requires a nuanced balance between creating an exceptional user experience and delivering the level of safety, privacy and security required to satisfy organizational needs,” said Dean Hager, Jamf CEO. “The power of the Jamf platform combined with TRUCE enables a uniquely dynamic user experience while ensuring a safe and productive environment.”

“We’re completely re-thinking mobility, adding an entirely new contextual layer to MDM capability to meet the varying needs of the workforce in a way that’s never been done before, and creating an unrivaled experience for the Apple ecosystem in the process,” said Joe Boyle, TRUCE CEO. “In effect, we’re delivering a way to solve the human part of the mobility challenge, solving for the dynamic nature of a workforce that uses mobility as they move throughout the day, across changing environments.”

This partnership delivers the next iteration of what true dynamic device management looks like. Jamf Worker Safety powered by TRUCE invigorates mobile deployments by accounting for who is behind the device, where they are and what they’re doing. Learn more at: www.jamf.com/worker-safety.

“Jamf has been absolutely instrumental in making the task of deploying Apple devices to our mobile workforce easy and scalable for our small team,” said Rick Saville, Director at Abbeydale Building Environment Consultants. “With all of the travel to construction sites and varied conditions that our teams work in, the benefit of contextual device management is immense. It both keeps employees safe and prevents business risk. We’re very excited to see the workflows that will be enabled by this partnership between Jamf and TRUCE.”

About Jamf

Jamf, the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, extends the legendary Apple experience people love to businesses, schools and government organizations through its software and the world’s largest online community of IT admins focused exclusively on Apple, Jamf Nation. To learn more, visit www.jamf.com.

About TRUCE Software

At TRUCE Software, we believe there's a better way to leverage all a mobile device has to offer in the workplace, while still protecting what's most important – your employees, your assets and your IP. TRUCE offers the only Mobile Device Management platform to provide flexible, contextual enforcement of your mobile device policy, allowing companies to temporarily suspend distracting mobile apps based on the work being performed, the work location or even the user or work group. To learn more, go to www.trucesoftware.com.

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