Jamf Announces Product Integration That Combines Powerful IT Workflows with Streamlined Mac Authentication and Identity Management

MINNEAPOLIS – January 23, 2020 – Jamf, the standard for Apple in the enterprise, announced that Jamf Connect can now be directly configured in Jamf Pro, combining the powerful IT workflows of Jamf Pro and the streamlined Mac authentication and identity management capabilities of Jamf Connect into one integrated experience.

“A recent global survey showed that 31% of issues experienced by Mac users were login and credential issues - so a fairly sizable hurdle throughout a user’s experience,” said Jason Wudi, chief technology officer, Jamf. “Jamf Connect was created to solve these issues. By making Jamf Connect configurations available in the Jamf Pro interface, the number of steps to deploy or edit a Jamf Connect configuration are reduced, making setup and management much easier. This integration is a powerful step in how we continue to innovate in helping our customers succeed with Apple in the enterprise.”

The integration between Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect empowers IT admins and delivers a better end user experience through:

  • An improved automated enrollment workflow and Jamf Connect password sync that provides end users with a better start-to-finish onboarding and enrollment experience. Through a seamless handoff of the user’s full name and username from Jamf Pro to Jamf Connect, the admin knows that a user has a cloud identity provider (IdP) username that they will use for their local Mac account, creating consistency that makes it easier for an admin to manage. With the ability to use a single set of credentials on both their Mac and IdP, end users are also less likely to need IT support.
  • New functionality in Jamf Pro to dynamically update configuration options for Jamf Connect. Jamf Connect is now easier than ever to configure with Jamf Pro. Since Jamf Connect releases every two weeks, admins will be able to easily leverage the latest features as soon as they are available within their Jamf Pro console instead of going out to their separate Jamf Connect instance.
  • Immediate FileVault encryption, so users no longer need to log out and back in before FileVault encrypts their computer.

“This integration shows that Jamf is investing in bringing Jamf Pro and Jamf Connect together from a product standpoint. The blending of the two products is great to see,” said Henry Stamerjohann, founder, Zentral Pro Services. “With a shorter amount of steps to address the enrollment process, Jamf is doing this in the best way.”

About Jamf

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