Jamf Showcases New Functionality for Managing and Securing the Apple-first Enterprise during Special Event

MINNEAPOLIS – April 26, 2022 – Today, Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the standard in Apple Enterprise Management, held a special Jamf Event to showcase a number of new offerings it has developed to help organizations deliver an enterprise-secure, consumer-simple environment that protects personal privacy.

The thirty-minute, live-streamed event was full of updates aimed at helping businesses, schools, and government entities succeed with Apple and also secure Android and Windows devices, regardless of their size or deployment requirements. Key announcements included:

Jamf Protect: the only comprehensive endpoint and network security platform built for Apple

Jamf announced a new set of endpoint protection technologies for macOS, with the goal of providing all of the tools an organization needs, in one platform, to maintain good device security hygiene, detect attacks, and stop malware from compromising endpoints, while also preventing incoming threats before they put users or devices at risk. Enhancements to Jamf Protect include:

  • Network threat prevention: The most successful strategy for dealing with threats to macOS endpoints is to prevent them from reaching devices in the first place. To address the need for threat prevention on macOS, Jamf announced that it is extending its macOS endpoint protection feature set to now include threat prevention capabilities that add network-based indicators of compromise into the solution.
  • Powerful analytics: Jamf’s endpoint protection provides comprehensive logging for both endpoint and network security events, allowing InfoSec teams to isolate and remediate detected threats, investigate incidents using data both on the device and from the network, and experience visibility into their environments.
  • Removable storage: Jamf announced new removable storage controls to ensure sensitive business data is only written to encrypted USB mass media drives, which protects against physical loss and unauthorized data access.

Jamf Trust: End user app

Jamf also announced the launch of Jamf Trust, an intuitive app for employees that powers workflows related to Jamf’s security products, including Jamf Threat Defense, Jamf Safe Internet, Jamf Data Policy, and Jamf Private Access. Jamf Trust will give users access to powerful security capabilities without impacting performance or productivity. Jamf Trust will launch across iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android and Windows this May.

Jamf Safe Internet: Powerful and safe learning with Apple

Jamf Safe Internet combines content filtering and network threat prevention features that block unsafe content and malicious attacks so students can learn safely anywhere. This includes protecting against malware and phishing attacks. Jamf Safe Internet is driven from a vast content-filtering database, and includes lightweight technology to filter results without invading student privacy and without sacrificing the learning experience that Apple devices provide. Jamf Safe Internet will be available for macOS and iOS this summer.

Jamf Fundamentals: The intersection of management and security

The Jamf Fundamentals plan combines Jamf’s market-leading device management technology with new capabilities for protecting, connecting, and empowering small to midsized businesses with Apple. Through malware prevention, password sync, self-service functionality for Mac, and the ability to deploy apps, custom profiles, macOS packages and more, businesses have an intuitive but powerful way to manage and secure their Apple fleet. Jamf Fundamentals is available today.

BYOD: Powering and protecting employees wherever they work from

Jamf demonstrated a new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workflow that preserves personal privacy by preventing IT from having too much control over an employee’s device, yet addresses IT concerns by allowing them to adequately manage and secure the device while it’s accessing company resources. Leveraging Apple’s Account-driven user enrollment workflow, Jamf’s BYOD offering allows employees to easily enroll their personal devices and gain secure access to the apps they need to be productive, without authorizing excessive management. By separating corporate data from personal data, work apps and information are safe and secure while the employee retains personal and private use of their device. Jamf’s BYOD offering is available now.

App Installers: Revolutionizing application lifecycle management

The next evolution in Application Lifecycle Management is here with the launch of App Installers, part of the Jamf App Catalog, a simplified way for IT to deploy and update Mac applications. This new, powerful workflow provides a streamlined install and update mechanism for apps, mirroring the simplicity of the Mac App Store and removing the tedious tasks of sourcing, deploying and maintaining non-Mac App Store titles. App Installers, part of Jamf’s robust application lifecycle management solution, now delivers the volume of supported apps that organizations require, matching the velocity with which these updates are made available, and with the validation needed for organizations to trust the quality and security of the update. App Installers is available today.

“Whether you’re looking to scale your growing business with Apple, empower your staff to securely work on their personal device, eliminate the inefficiencies of app management or deliver a secure and productive environment to employees and students, Jamf has you covered,” said Dean Hager, CEO of Jamf. “We are here to help you leverage Jamf’s enterprise-secure, consumer-simple technology to further empower your teams.”

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