1-to-1 iPad Programs in Higher Education

Improving student outcomes with the right technology.

One big theme higher education IT teams have focused on this year is improving student outcomes, but how? The 2018 EDUCAUSE IT Panel highlighted two key concerns relating to improving student outcomes:

  • Student success: Managing the system implementations and integrations that support multiple student success initiatives.
  • Student-centered institution: Understanding and advancing technology’s role in defining the student experience on campus (from applicants to alumni).

By focusing on the student experience and supporting success initiatives through technology, higher education institutions are in need of a technology that can accomplish both. Enter 1-to-1 iPad programs.

In this white paper, learn more about how 1-to-1 iPad programs can drive improved student outcomes through:

  • Student wellness
  • Student engagement
  • Career readiness

Also, gain helpful insight on how to start, manage and thrive with your own 1-to-1 iPad program.

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