Manage and secure your most vulnerable endpoints: mobile devices

As technology advances, people are increasingly using mobile devices. They provide all-day usage, fast network connections, and access to various apps and services from anywhere, anytime. But increased adoption and dependence on mobile devices means there are greater security implications, like data leaks, unauthorized access to private user information, discrepancies in Mac and mobile endpoint security, difficulty assessing and maintaining compliance and more.

Our paper provides readers with:

  • Insight into current mobile security challenges and solutions
  • The importance of mobile-specific security measures
  • An overview of holistic endpoint protection
  • And best practices for mobile security policy implementation

This paper is for IT professionals and decision makers, businesses in regulated industries who are concerned with not only securing endpoints but meeting compliance requirements, Apple device administrators responsible for the management and security of their fleet and organizations implementing or enhancing their mobile security protocols — honestly, anyone who has mobile devices accessing their network and resources.

The Future of Mobile Security: integration of macOS and mobile

If your company secures Mac computers, why wouldn’t they also secure mobile devices? While comparing Mac, a desktop OS, to mobile devices might seem like comparing apples to oranges, the fact remains that each new iteration of macOS and iOS brings greater levels of convergence between these operating systems — leading to a holistic, strengthened security posture.

Read the paper today and see why and how you should bring your mobile devices into the endpoint-security fold.

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