Single Sign-On and Authentication for Beginners

Trusted access in an unsecure world.

Security protection at every level of an organization is paramount to success. From network to device to user, all facets must be protected at all times. If not, the results could be catastrophic as data breaches can bring corporations to a halt and completely shatter customer trust.

As more employees work remote and outside of standard working hours — yet still require the same access to resources as their onsite counterparts — keeping all devices and users protected from malicious malware and threats isn’t something that “just” happens. It takes planning and the right workflows and resources to achieve.

So, how can organizations combat threats without hindering user productivity? By leveraging single sign-on (SSO) and device/user authentication security measures.

Download this white paper for:

  • An overview on SSO and authentication basics
  • Details on the role of cloud identity providers in SSO and authentication workflows
  • Security best practices and how to implement
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