Teams Curiosity drives us to constantly improve.

A Jamf is a classic team player.

Our thought process begins with what’s the right thing to do, and then we do it. It’s not about perfecting; it’s about constantly improving. That’s why we always pedal—never coast. We selflessly high-five after making the winning shot and share in the desire to work harder when others don’t.

We are super comfortable with ambiguity and eager to create real change. Curious and resourceful, we seek to understand how everything works. Better job titles might be free-thinker, puzzle solver and constant improver.

Life is chaos. We’re here to enjoy the ride.

Jamf is hiring!

Meet Our Teams

Learn about working within each of our departments and teams at Jamf, as well as in our internship positions. We are all Jamfs, but each team has a little bit of its own unique flair.

Everyone succeeds together.

At Jamf, sales means teamwork, collaboration and support. This is not a dog-eat-dog world, we don’t adhere to the cut-throat corporate sales vibe. Though being an outgoing self-starter who thrives taking initiative helps, we set achievable targets, we share best practices across the team and we help each other out. Our sales teams are onboarded with the technical knowledge and training required to confidently talk to customers about Jamf. You don’t have to be a “techie” to have a sales career here, but you might have newfound love for Apple devices…if you don’t already.

Our sales team doesn’t just push product. We have seen continued growth over the years because of our ability to develop long-term partnerships with our customers and ensure they are set up for continued success with Jamf.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

But we do take career growth seriously. We train and then we give you the room to grow. Most of our sales team start out as Sales Development Representatives, which gives Jamfs the opportunity to really learn the business and feel comfortable generating leads. It doesn’t take most long to move to an Account Executive role, where you then “own” your portfolio of business. From there, the world is your oyster. Join other sales teams to hone your selling skills, diversify into a sales vertical or even move into management to teach and mentor others. We provide our teams with world-class selling tools, ongoing training and the opportunity to discover new interests and career paths.

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