7 reasons why retail mobile technology is growing in 2019

According to a recent study Jamf commissioned, here are 7 reasons why retail mobile technology is growing in 2019. A powerful Mobile Device Management (MDM) system is key to keeping it all running smoothly.

August 1 2019 by

Avery Wade

Retail is having a rough time right now. Customers are shopping brick and mortar less and buying online more. Is it because millennials don’t like social interaction? Well, maybe, but there are other reasons, as well.

Technology is one way to dig retail out.

Retail technology has been on the steady rise for the last couple years. As mobile technologies have become more accessible, more industries have been picking it up — and retail is no exception. As a matter of fact, retail is adapting new technology more rapidly than ever.

According to Mobile Retail Trends 2019, a survey Jamf commissioned from Vanson Bourne, 99% of retailers use at least one mobile technology such as: shared mobile devices, devices for linking brick and mortar stores with online store, mobile devices for POS systems and mobile devices for customer use.

These seven reasons are why almost 100% of retailers have implemented these technologies into their workflows:

1. Increasing sales and revenue

Sales and revenue are the bread and butter of any company, and most retailers see mobile technology as a way to increase sales and revenue.

To increase sales, stores need a way to ensure all inventory is displayed to the eyes of a customer. Shared employee iPads are a sure way to show off all inventory. The ability to include inventory within apps is HUGE for retailers. This can be inventory directly in store, or in-store and online.

2. Increasing seamless speed in the sales process

Customers want buying to be quick, easy, and painless. Steps in the sales process may take top-of-the-list with those requirements. The sales process can be confusing, for customers and staff.

Mobile tech to the rescue!

Self-service kiosks have been popping up in so many retailer locations that you may lose count. This way, customers don’t have to wait for staff to stop helping another customer. They are able to order drinks, find inventory, or see a map of the mall.

3. Increasing efficiency and productivity

Technology can be seen as very distracting and unmotivating, but when it is used correctly it can change everything.

Rewind back to the creation of the assembly line. Efficiency and productivity were the hallmark for Ford. Much has changed since then to even further develop efficiency and productivity within workflows.

Mobile technology is available to make everything smoother than ever before. Step-by-step apps follow the customer’s shopping experience to point-of-sale systems to close the deal.

4. Increasing staff motivation/morale

Mobile technologies in retail aren’t just to help increase sales or speed up processes. They are also to make sure the staff is feeling like they can do their job correctly and receive the help they need.

These technologies can help implement promotions to deserving employees. It is also capable of helping train employees with the proper tools and services they will provide. From basic training of job functions to apps they will be using, technologies can make your staff happy.

Happy employees = happy customers.

5. Improving customer experience

Creating a customer experience is one way to differentiate from other retailers. What is the emotional effect on the person in the store?

Personalized shopping experiences for customers can only happen with the use of technology. They are able to personalize shopping bags, shoes, and t-shirts online— why not be able to personalize an in-store experience as well?

The magic of technology is when it is able to pull data from online shopping experiences to help enhance a customer’s in-store experience. This includes shopping habits as well as personal data — all secured, of course.

6. Increasing brand loyalty

There is a fairly direct correlation between a positive customer experience and brand loyalty. The duo is like peanut butter and jelly— or Jamf and Apple.

Brand loyalty is a necessity in this day of intense retail competition. A sure way to keep up with these other stores is by keeping up with the times; they are a changin’. Customers appreciate companies who understand that mobile technology is here to stay.

Remember: your loyal customers are your best sellers.

7. Capturing new customers

Sure, you’ll capture new customers by word of mouth, but here’s a little secret: technology will help you too.

According to our study, 91% of retailers agree that using mobile technology in their stores makes them more competitive.

Having this differentiator — the most experience-enhancing technology — can give customers the push they need to choose your store location as the one they want to visit.

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