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November 14, 2022 by Hannah Hamilton

Rapid security response

The new macOS Ventura introduced Rapid Security Response as a method to keep devices patched—even without the latest OS.

What is Rapid Security Response?

Rapid Security Response aims to keep your devices more secure by providing software patches between standard OS updates. If enabled, these responses can happen automatically without requiring permission from the user, though responses that involved the operating system do require system restart and those relevant to Safari require the user to quit the application.

For personal devices, rapid security response can be enabled in System Settings > General > Automatic Updates. Users can remove responses if desired.

So how will Rapid Security Response work for supervised devices? There are a number of ways mobile device management (MDM) solutions can modify settings related to rapid security response:

  • The allowRapidSecurityResponseRemoval restriction key can block user removal of responses.
  • Setting CriticalUpdateInstall to true enables rapid security response in macOS.
  • Device Info and AvailableOSUpdate queries report the status of Rapid Security Response to your MDM.
  • The allowRapidSecurityResponseInstallation restriction key allows admins to disable Rapid Security Response, which is enabled by default.

Why are responses important?

A major update to a device’s OS can be disruptive to a user’s experience, leading to update delays. Responses occur between major updates and are based on the device’s minor OS version. These responses provide necessary patches to keep devices up to date and protected from security threats.

Keeping your devices updated with the latest patches is one of the most cost-effective ways to protect your devices. Rapid Security Response makes this simpler and less disruptive for both users and admins, making it easier to ensure vulnerabilities are patched and devices are secured.

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