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September 9, 2020 by Jonathan Locast

Aspects of Apple OS upgrades that are most exciting for you

OS upgrade season is upon us and there is plenty to be excited about. We asked our Jamf Heroes what they are most excited about with this year's upgrade.

It’s that time of the year again. The buzz is in the air, the excitement is palpable, and everyone is waiting for Apple to release the latest versions of macOS, iPadOS, iOS and tvOS. While all Apple users benefit from a new operating system due to the productivity features and security benefits, we wanted to know what some of YOU are looking forward to most.

We asked Jamf Nation, “What is your favorite feature that's being developed?” and we got some excellent responses, but it was clear what the winner was…

50% are most excited about the new UI

It is a fantastic thing to be excited about and if you are buzzing for it, you are far from alone. In fact, macOS is getting its biggest design upgrade since OS X.

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering said, “With its modern and clean look, huge improvements to key apps including Safari, Messages and Maps, and new privacy features, we think everyone is going to love the breakthrough experience that macOS Big Sur offers.”

But Mac is not the only one getting a fantastic overhaul. iOS 14 has redesigned widgets, the ability to alter the size of the widget so your most used ones stand out for you, along with a few other widget capabilities. Apple has altered how calls appear on your phone so they no longer take up the full screen, along with picture-in-picture functionality.

These features, plus many, many more are giving the Apple devices you love a brand-new look and feel, with the power and flexibility users adore.

World-class developer tools

Many developers are using Mac to create for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS apps. With the new operating system, SwiftUI gets a major upgrade so that developers can write entire apps with shared code across all Apple platforms.

Mac Catalyst debuted with macOS Catalina last year and has made it easy for developers to bring their iPad apps to Mac. And in macOS Big Sur, Mac Catalyst apps automatically inherit the new look, while giving developers powerful new APIs and total control over the look and behavior of their apps.

When released, developers will almost certainly want to get their hands on this functionality immediately, making the need for upgrading as soon as possible critical.

Control Center

Finally, we have one more newcomer to Mac – Control Center. For anyone familiar with Control Center on their iPad, I think it is fair to say this one may excite you. An extension of the new UI, the customizable menu bar will now feature Control Center allowing you quick and easy access to controls from the desktop.

An updated Notification Center includes more interactive notifications and redesigned widgets that come in different sizes, providing users with more relevant information at a glance.

All of these features are changing the way people work with Apple. Each is changing workflows, streamlining processes, and making aspects seamless for the user. The fact that most of these listed above are predominately Mac features, shows us the strides that Mac is making in the workplace.

Apple is making significant improvements to Mac and is embracing the fact that users want to use the same products at work that they use in their personal life, they are helping lead the democratization of technology, and with Jamf, companies are able to deliver that experience on a large scale.

No longer is it only a select few that get to have the power of Apple devices at their fingertips. Now, companies can give everyone that ability. Because one person with an iPad is great, but 10,000 in an enterprise or 100% of your team? That is powerful.

Whether you are deploying new devices with zero-touch deployment or you are deploying these fantastic new features, Jamf is here to help. When the new operating systems are released Jamf will be providing everyone with same-day support so that you can hit the ground running, give everyone the new functionality they want, and not miss a beat.

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