Bungie helps ease children’s pain with iPads at the bedside

123,000 children and counting; discover how The Bungie Foundation, Jamf and iPad devices are bringing a sense of normalcy to a child's hospital stay.

March 5 2018 by

Jeni Asaba

What happens when an independent video game studio focuses their creative energy and technical expertise on children’s healthcare? Magic. That’s what it feels like it to the children who benefit from Bungie’s iPads for Kids program. Known for creating enduring franchises for the last two-and-a-half decades, including Destiny and Halo, Bungie is a leader when it comes to entertainment. They are also an example of how a company can use its strengths to make a positive impact on areas that need it the most.

In 2010, Bungie formalized their philanthropic spirit with the creation of The Bungie Foundation. They began exploring areas they could provide value to local organizations and discovered an opportunity at Seattle Children’s Hospital. They learned that while the hospital often received hardware donations, like consoles and games, they didn’t have a way to manage them. They created a solution called iPads for Kids.

This unique offering within healthcare provides patients with age-appropriate, customizable content through an iPad at the bedside. “It’s intended to provide kiddos with a sense of entertainment, to give them the distraction they need while they’re in a really stressful or potentially traumatic situation,” Christine Edwards, senior foundation manager of The Bungie Foundation explained. “We want to bring a sense of normalcy to their stay while they’re in the hospital.”

Since their implementation at Seattle Children’s, Edwards estimated the program has helped approximately 123,000 children – all without adding any extra burden to the care teams or cost to the hospital. The Bungie Foundation estimates they’ll have the iPads for Kids program in six more hospitals throughout the U.S. by the end of 2018 – a possibility thanks to a generous donation from Child’s Play Charity.

“Bungie and Child’s Play have the same goal,” said Travis Eriksen, executive director, Child’s Play Charity. “We both want to alleviate the suffering of kids in children’s hospitals. We want to bring in the power of play and entertainment to normalize a situation that’s not normal.”

To learn more about The Bungie Foundation and how they’re easing the pain children experience while in the hospital, read the full case study.

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