Casper Suite and Cisco ISE: Ensuring simple on-boarding and security compliance

See how Cisco ISE and the Casper Suite work together to create a seamless device enrollment workflow for IT and users.

June 9 2015 by

See how the Casper Suite and Cisco ISE ensure simple on-boarding and security compliance.

With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs and users bringing personal devices into the workplace every day to access corporate resources, it has become more and more challenging for IT teams to discover and secure end points. A device management/enrollment workflow is relatively simple when devices are procured by an organization. Devices can be enrolled during imaging, manually by IT, or even enrolled automatically using Apple's Device Enrollment Program.

When users bring their own devices into the workplace, however, device enrollment and ongoing security management is/are not that straight forward — with users coming and going every day, changing devices, changing employers, and changing roles. How do I know, as an IT administrator, what devices are on the corporate network and which ones are accessing sensitive corporate resources? I can block all access for users and have all roads lead to IT, but that won't make my users very happy and will make more work for me. Alternatively, I could implement a solution that would automatically detect devices on the corporate network and prompt them to enroll into a device management framework, ensuring they remain enrolled and secure by leveraging Casper Suite and Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

Here are a few security-related benefits of the integration between the two platforms:

  • On-boarding – Ensure all Apple devices that join your organization's secure network are enrolled and managed by the Casper Suite. This ensures visibility and security of each device.
  • Compliance – Ensure that devices meet certain compliance criteria to continue to operate on the network. For example, the device has communicated with the Casper Suite in the past 30 days, has disk encryption enabled, has password enforcement profile installed, etc.
  • Host Checking – Ensure that the Casper Suite can be detected as installed and actively run on the device.

Learn more about how Cisco ISE and the Casper Suite work together to create a simple and seamless device enrollment workflow for IT and for users.

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