Challenging the norm to enhance employee experience

SAP continues to create opportunities for elevated employee experiences and efficiencies. Today, the company supports this work by offering device choice.

November 22 2019 by

Jeni Asaba

When five friends came together in 1972 to create real-time, standardized software to redesign how companies operate, they didn’t know their effort would eventually build SAP: the market leader in enterprise application software. At more than 90,000 employees in 140+ countries, SAP continues to innovate with their original vision in mind: to create opportunities for elevated employee experiences and efficiencies.

Today, the company supports this work by offering device choice. Currently, more than 24,000 SAP employees use a Mac. Martin Lang, VP, IT Services Enterprise Mobility, SAP, said that after seeing a 31% increase in the number of Mac computers at SAP in 2018 alone, he expects to see this number surpass 30,000 in 2020. And while he recognizes the power of the Mac, he said that continuing to improve overall employee experience, no matter their device choice, is what drives his team forward.

“My focus is to promote productivity and remove obstacles for users where I can,” he said. “That’s why we’ll happily demo work productivity on any device and let the user choose what works best for them.” And while the company continues to see an increase in the number of employees who choose a Mac, Apple is heavily represented in the amount of iPad and iPhone devices across SAP.

Dissimilar to the number of Mac laptops used at SAP is the percentage of employees who use iOS. Today, 100% of the tablets used are iPad devices, and 90% of managed mobile phones are iPhones. And while all of the company’s Apple devices are now managed with Jamf Pro, this came after a 84,000-device migration from SAP’s previous MDM.

Lang said while it was a big shift, they encountered very few issues during their approximate 1,000 device-per-day migration over the course of seven months. “I think people really appreciate the consistency of how everything works,” Lang said. He also credits the simple setup process and ease of use to the impressive adoption rate of Apple devices at SAP.

Through streamlined, easy-to-use workflows, as well as the functionalities and robust feature set of Jamf Self Service, all SAP employees can access in-house and third-party apps and resources on demand. “I think this is a really unique feature of Jamf — to have a native app store that is so super fast,” Lang said, adding, “I think the biggest benefit of Self Service is app discovery. This allows people to find the apps they need faster, which helps with our main goal to increase people’s productivity, no matter where they work.”

To learn more about how SAP uses innovative approaches to offer an enhanced experience to all employees through device choice, read the full case study.

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