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Claris recently announced the general availability of their new purpose-built app created by iSolutions, to address the device, data and document retention requirements mandated by the Federal Communications Commission ECF (Emergency Connectivity Fund) Program.

October 5 2021 by

Danny Porter

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Ask most K-12 schools and libraries if they need more funding to provide remote learning during this time to address the homework gap, and you'll likely hear a resounding yes. Fortunately for them, the students and the staff, there are programs like the Federal Communications Commission ECF (Emergency Connectivity Fund) Program.

The FCC’s ECF Program provides more than $7 billion in funding to help K-12 schools and libraries address the homework gap by purchasing tools and services that support remote learning. According to the FCC, for eligible schools and libraries, the ECF Program will cover reasonable costs of Wi-Fi hotspots; modems; routers; laptop and tablet computers; and broadband connectivity purchases for off-campus use by students, school staff and library patrons.

To get the funding, however, the program requires schools and libraries to keep specific device or equipment data as well as user, usage and service information and “any and all” records related to applications for funding and reimbursement payments. What's more, the required data and documents must be kept for at least 10 years.

A second round to apply for funding was recently opened on September 28 and the new application window closes on October 13. To meet the requirements, schools need an easy and simple way to keep records for the hardware and a way to manage their devices once they receive them.

Enter, ECF Records Manager and Jamf. ECF Records Manager is the first app launched as part of the Claris Smart Pack, a portfolio of ready-made Claris FileMaker apps, designed by premier Claris Partners, to help K-12 schools and libraries tackle a variety of administrative challenges in addition to data-heavy and time-consuming manual tasks, such as attendance tracking, transportation planning, event ticketing, and more. It was created specifically to help easily consolidate, manage, and store the potentially voluminous information needed for the ECF program.

With Jamf and Claris, schools that are looking to purchase technology using funds from the ECF program, can manage and easily deploy these devices, knowing that they will remain compliant with the protocols of the program. Whether schools are new to Jamf or already use it, Jamf makes it easy to deploy Apple devices into your existing school environment and provides zero-touch deployment for IT to make sure that the devices purchased end up in the hands of those who need it most—the students. With products like Jamf Teacher, Jamf Student and Jamf Parent, everyone can rest assured that students can access the tools they need whether in the home or at the school, quickly and securely. What's more, Jamf integrates directly with the ECF Records Manager to make sure that inventory information required by the ECF Program is saved and retained.

With Apple, Jamf and Claris, schools will simply purchase devices, deploy them to students and there is no step three.

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