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March 22, 2021 by Ryon Riley

Advisory Solutions, Jamf partner adding value to the Apple ecosystem

With more than 40,000 customers managing over 20 million Apple devices, there are more customers, partners and third-party vendors creating solutions around the Jamf ecosystem.

Jamf’s Managed Service Providers are creative problem solving organizations, helping scale the delivery of Apple services, so it’s no surprise this is an inception point for a number of the solutions on the Jamf Marketplace. Jamf MSPs understand device management at scale, often accomplishing tasks through automation and leveraging Jamf’s developer tools.

We’re excited to spotlight Advisory Solutions as they launch their latest Jamf integrated product, Wizarrd, on the Jamf Marketplace.

Read on to hear from Advisory Solutions and what Wizarrd can do for you and your Apple ecosystem.

Who we are

Advisory Solutions is a managed services provider and Jamf partner. Our core focus is on helping clients define IT strategy through three interlocking components: endpoint security, identity security and network security.

We help build, support and drive cost-effective technology decisions designed for scalability and growth. We are members of the Apple Consultants Network and are partners with the top tier of technology companies including Microsoft, Google, Dropbox, Cisco and OneLogin, among others.

Jamf's open platform API

Jamf is the foundational element of an infrastructure that extends far beyond its walls.

Nowhere is this evidenced better than the incredibly rich ecosystem of open source solutions that got us at Advisory all introduced to the Jamf API. As we started exploring further, our eyes opened to the vast potential of what information Jamf could provide us as IT decision makers for so many varied clients. Wizarrd was born from these experiments and connectors.

Wizarrd as an extension of the Apple ecosystem

Advisory Solutions created Wizarrd with a view towards centralizing an ever growing list of cloud-based (SaaS) solutions and hardware mobile device management (MDM) portals. For companies and organizations that don’t actively audit their subscription services, stale accounts can represent a cost and potential security vulnerability. However, we also understand that these audits take time that not everyone has. We focused on creating a cost-effective solution to simplify the task. We did what any IT company would do, we decided to build one ourselves.

Wizarrd started out as a simple way to mitigate the continuous flow of tickets. Asking for CSV exports from each vendor morphed into a comprehensive yet elegant single pane of glass experience for our customers to manage their hardware, network and software assets. The API driven dashboard pulls information from MDM solutions, SaaS providers and cloud network instances to keep account lists up-to-date. Providing this view into all of their resources helped visualize the resources being consumed, helps eliminate SaaS waste and potential security issues from leftover accounts.

Here’s what users have to say about Wizarrd:

“We didn’t know how much we needed this until we took a deep dive. Right off the bat, we were able to uncover a lot of waste across a number of accounts and immediately saw a cost savings. Wizarrd is now our go-to IT asset tracking.”
Ellie Ransom, Splash

“This has been indispensable to empowering our ops team to audit legacy accounts on our system. Now our IT reporting is vastly simplified because we have all of them in one place. Wizarrd made that so so easy. It’s all right there for us.”
Steve LaBrie, Drybar

We are continuously driving development of Wizarrd and look forward to utilizing APIs to help pull even more useful information into the platform. You finally don’t need to be an IT administrator to understand your IT usage.

That's the premise of Wizarrd: Asset Management, simplified.

We’re excited to see this transform from something we used internally, to a valuable tool that can be used by other Jamf administrators.

Photo of Ryon Riley
Ryon Riley
Advisory Solutions
Ryon Riley is the Director of Technology for Advisory Solutions. A true technologist at heart, Ryon’s passion lies in solving complex technological problems and increasing efficiency through automation. Ryon graduated from the University of Central Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. It is Ryon’s personal belief that a project should be seen through to the end and he works tirelessly to ensure all goals are met. Outside of work, Ryon enjoys cycling, exploring and playing video games.
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