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August 30, 2023 by Katie John

Conditional Access deprecation update

Microsoft and Jamf have a strong history of partnership around identity management and security. Jamf continues to demonstrate our commitment to Microsoft-centric organizations and our shared customers through integrated technologies that help organizations manage and secure their Apple users and estate on Microsoft enterprise platforms.

In Jamf Pro 10.43, we announced in partnership with Microsoft that Microsoft's Partner Device Management legacy API used by Jamf Pro's Conditional Access integration is scheduled for deprecation. At the same time, Jamf released the Device Compliance integration for macOS, which uses Microsoft's Partner Compliance Management API. Jamf and Microsoft collaborated to deliver a migration path from the legacy Conditional Access integration to the new Device Compliance integration, which was made available in Jamf Pro 10.48.

The new end-of-support date for the Conditional Access integration (Partner Device Management API) is scheduled for September 1, 2024. All environments using Conditional Access must migrate to Device Compliance before that date.

Learn how to migrate from Conditional Access to Device Compliance.

The following environments are not yet able to use the Device Compliance integration:

  • On-premises Jamf Pro environments
  • Jamf Pro environments hosted in Jamf Cloud Premium Plus
  • Environments using Microsoft 356 GCC High

Administrators of environments that fall into one of these categories are encouraged to reach out to Jamf Customer Success for assistance planning the migration to Device Compliance before September 1, 2024.

Katie John
Katie John, Senior Alliance Partner Manager
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