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July 14, 2023 by Katie John

Microsoft macOS Conditional Access replaced in Jamf Pro

Jamf Pro version 10.43 began using Microsoft's Partner Compliance Management API with Device Compliance for macOS instead of Microsoft macOS Conditional Access. A migration path is now available with Jamf Pro version 10.48.

Jamf and Microsoft have had a long-standing partnership since the announcement of Conditional Access for macOS at JNUC in 2017. As Microsoft and Jamf continuously improve compliance technologies, Jamf will now begin utilizing Microsoft’s new Partner Compliance Management API with Device Compliance for macOS beginning with the Jamf Pro version 10.43 update.

Jamf will replace Conditional Access support in a future release of Jamf Pro due to the migration away from Microsoft’s Partner Device Management legacy API. The estimated removal date is late 2024. Jamf now offers an alternative solution called macOS Device Compliance using Microsoft’s new Partner Compliance Management API. A migration path from the legacy Partner Device Management API to the new Partner Compliance Management API is now available with Jamf PRo 10.48. For more information, see Migrating from macOS Conditonal Access to macOS Device Compliance in the Jamf Pro Documentation. The legacy Partner Device Management API will remain active for at least one year, allowing organizations leveraging the legacy API time to migrate to the new API. Jamf customers will need to move their workflows to macOS Device Compliance in Jamf Cloud before the deprecation of the Microsoft Partner Device Management API.

Jamf has made the strategic decision to build its Device Compliance integration to support the cloud, aligning with its cloud-first strategy. By leveraging cloud technologies, Jamf can deliver a more robust and scalable solution, providing on-demand monitoring, logging capabilities and faster delivery, support and maintenance of features. This reflects the direction we took in 2020 when we made iOS Compliance available in the cloud only. Continuing this cloud-first vision, we hope to offer customers a more intuitive workflow and an experience that is consistent across platforms. Embracing the cloud allows organizations to streamline device compliance management, enhance security and stay ahead of evolving compliance requirements in today's digital landscape. While on-premise support is not currently available, Jamf remains committed to meeting the needs of customers and continues to find tailored security solutions for Apple environments of all sizes.

Katie John
Katie John, Senior Alliance Partner Manager
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