Finding things that integrate with Jamf the easy way: The Jamf Marketplace

From tools that streamline specific tasks with Jamf Pro management to deep integrations with third-party products, see how the Jamf Marketplace can help you extend the Jamf platform and automate IT workflows.

December 18 2017 by

Charles Edge

The power of Jamf is in the flexibility of our software. Because of the Jamf extensibility, there are now thousands of scripts, extension attributes, full software packages, webhooks and integrations with third parties available. But one of the hardest things to deal with these days is finding relevant information. This is as true when looking for a workout regimen as it is at work.

Finding the things you need to build a fully automated workflow, and make your job as an administrator better, is also one of the most complicated parts facing a new Mac administrator. And being that we’ve all been there, we wanted to help make this part of the job easier for our customers! We’ve done so with the Jamf Marketplace.

The Jamf Marketplace is a curated list of solutions to improve the work-lives of our customers. The solutions found in the Jamf Marketplace range from tools that streamline specific tasks with Jamf Pro management to deep integrations with third-party products, like ServiceNow.

Using the Marketplace is easy!
When you visit the Marketplace, you can search for something that you need to integrate with. For example, if your organization leverages ServiceNow as an IT Service Management (ITSM) solution, then you might want to bridge access to various resources from Jamf Pro into your ticketing system. If you search for ServiceNow in the Marketplace, you’ll see two options for getting this linked up!

Or if you want to see high impact issues in Slack, such as a device falling out of a smart group that verifies device compliance, then search for Slack. And there’s Jackalope, to help keep you on top of device management.

And there’s more than just third-party products in the Marketplace. Search for “migrate” to find a tool that can migrate all of your data between Jamf Pro servers. Which is awesome for anyone who tests in a QA environment before putting updates into production!

For developers
If you’re a developer, then the Marketplace is a great spot to show off your software. Maybe you’ve built a tool that you sell. Maybe you’re building an integration with Jamf to make your products more attractive to customers we share. Maybe you are open-sourcing a tool and want others to help you develop.

Whatever the need, if you have a piece of software you’ve built that you would like to get in front of others, the Marketplace is a great way to get your software in front of Jamf administrators!

Head here to see how you can get your product featured in the Marketplace.

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