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From ad-hoc to managed and organized IT: Abbeydale

Posted in: Jamf Now, Small Business

Abbeydale Building Environment Consultants is a small business in the UK: a small team that makes a big impact. Abbeydale is an excellent example of what a company can achieve when they give their team the tools they need and want— after acknowledging and addressing problem experiences.

Covering as much ground as you can in a day is a constant challenge facing the small business world. Investing in technology can be an effective way to meet that challenge — when done correctly. Diving into the world of devices and digital transformation is exciting, but organizations must guard against rolling out devices in a manner that won’t scale long term, don’t solve people’s problems and only cover surface-level needs.

What if devices need updates? If different employees use different tools? Devices take too much time to up-keep? What if you don’t have a dedicated IT team? You may be facing all of these questions or only a few, but you aren’t alone. Abbeydale BEC saw all of them clearly and knew there had to be a better way. It took a conversation with their Apple business team to introduce them to the world of MDM and how Jamf Now could solve what they were looking for.

To see how they made the switch from ad-hoc IT to managed IT and accomplished everything they needed, read Abbeydale’s story now.

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