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Introducing Jamf Premium Cloud Log Streaming

One more reason the cloud is your home

Cloud infrastructure is everywhere. IT professionals frequently provision new cloud services for highly available and always up-to-date tools. This trend includes productivity suites, collaboration tools, identity providers, and in Jamf’s case, device management. If you already love the cloud, you are in the majority of Jamf customers that trust us to handle their servers, distribution points, and the security measures that allow Jamf to maintain SOC 2 Type 2 compliance.

For organizations that need a higher level of control, Jamf Premium Cloud and Jamf Government Cloud give control over the upgrade cycle, IP safelists, SSL certificate options and more. But for the most diligent of organizations, Jamf offers Cloud Log Streaming for Jamf Premium Cloud customers. This allows organizations with stringent change control processes to get the benefit of Jamf Cloud, with the audit capabilities previously reserved for On-Premises installations only.

Cloud Log Streaming provides access to two vital resources that can identify who accessed the Jamf Pro instance, and what changes were made. JSSAccess and JAMFChangeManagement are two critical features that make it possible for Cloud customers with this need to report on these items. Current options include sending these logs to either a shared S3 bucket or to a Splunk instance for reporting and analysis. An automated connection transfers these logs every 5 minutes, reducing manual tasks and allowing for more immediate notification or action.

Jamf’s enterprise customers overwhelmingly continue to choose Jamf Cloud and the new Cloud Log Streaming functionality means even more enterprises can confidently adopt a cloud-first strategy inclusive of their MDM. Organizations won’t have to choose between the simplicity of cloud infrastructure and visibility that is critical for change management or security.

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