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February 27, 2020 by Kaylee Carlson

Jamf Connect is now multilingual

Jamf Connect is now available in French, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Jamf Connect is now available in French, German, Japanese and Spanish. A user may now unbox their Mac, power it on — and sign in with a single set of cloud identity credentials in their native language.

The user may change their Mac to the language preference of their choice and each of the Jamf Connect end-user applications — Jamf Connect Login and Jamf Connect Sync or Verify — will display in that language.

In today’s mobile work environment, the approach to identity and security has had to evolve. The need for better security with a cloud identity provider and an identity management solution like Jamf Connect has become more important than ever. Providing organizations a way to remotely manage users, passwords and access to corporate applications is a must. And now, multi-lingual teams can have all of the benefits of Jamf Connect, including:

Account provisioning

Whether it’s during setup or in day-to-day use, Jamf Connect ensures a user accesses their device and applications with a single identity – without the need to bind to Active Directory.

Identity management

Keeping accounts and resources secure is a big job. That’s why Jamf Connect provides IT admins with the ability to keep an eye on all company devices and who accesses them — along with when and where. This provides peace of mind that both the device and the corporate information are protected.

Password synchronization

50% of all IT help desk tickets are password resets. That’s why Jamf Connect keeps account credentials in sync between the Mac and cloud identity provider, ensuring employees stay on task instead of making trips to IT.

Integrations with key cloud identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure AD, Google and Ping Identity; Jamf Connect is the best way to manage accounts, authentication, identity and security. Download our Jamf Connect overview and learn the what, why and how of Jamf Connect and how to put it to use in your environment.

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