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Why do people seek out community? Why is there a feeling of being drawn to those that understand? If you’re an IT professional, a fan of technology, or wish to be a part of a community to grow awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills surrounding Apple, Jamf and Google products and solutions, then accept our invitation to join along as Jamf sponsors this year's Google C2C events.

October 2 2023 by

Sam Weiss

Jamf users gather as part of a community

“I am Groot!”

Translation: “We are Jamf!”

Jamf believes in the power of community. Our own Jamf Nation user community started as an email listserv-type community and our first Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC) was supported by just two coffee pots.

As time has waxed and waned on, the Jamf and MacAdmin communities have grown. We’ve seen the PSU MacAdmins and MacAdmins Slack continue to grow in content and channels, as well as with size. Additionally, new communities continue to sprout up across the world to provide localized support to administrators tasked with supporting Apple devices while being able to tap into the larger support community surrounding the platform we all know, love and are passionate about: Apple.

The communities surrounding Apple technology are one of the best ways to focus on not just the problems being resolved or the end user – but the human aspect that lies at the heart of it all. Simply put: speeds and feeds don’t matter as much as customer outcomes and crowdsourced problem-solving. Creating a space where these things can happen, where they can be discovered and archived is not just important, but critical for the future.

Google C2C

The Google Cloud Customer Community (C2C) is an example of a community created for Google customers to interact with each other, learn and grow together. Much like Jamf Nation, C2C is a growing, thriving community that has both in-person, virtual and forum-based interactions at its core.

Jamf + Google

Jamf is proud to be a sponsor of Google C2C this year, and we’re thrilled to bring visibility to the organizations being successful with Apple and Google, as well as the Jamf tools that make it all possible.

If you saw this announcement and thought, “Why is Jamf sponsoring a Google user community?”, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear how Jamf has helped organizations prioritize a delightful Apple device experience, even in Google environments.

Management, identity and security – all made to work for the user's benefit.

Here are some of the ways you’ll see Jamf interact with Google C2C:

  • Forum posts
  • Webinar events
  • In-person events at Google offices


What's so exciting about Jamf partnering with Google?

Together, we have an opportunity to bring some of our most vibrant customer advocates along for the ride. Come share your/our success story and showcase the great work we've done – and continue to achieve – together.

If you saw this announcement and thought, “That sounds like my kind of organization!”, Jamf would love to hear from you! We’d like to share your story, successes and best practices with the Google community through C2C and other media. Reach out to your Account Manager for your opportunity to become a featured customer success story.

What's in it for you?

  • Network with your peers. The global community is made up of IT or business decision-makers, architects, practitioners, DevOps teams and more.
  • Gain valuable industry insights from thought leaders and Google Cloud experts.
  • Plan ahead to align your business with the Google Roadmap and get a sneak peek of what's coming.
  • Shape the future of the cloud ecosystem. Recognize gaps and have a voice in what you'd like to see in the future. Make your mark by sharing your feedback with the community.

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