Jamf protects against ‘pymafka’ malware

Sonatype researchers recently identified a supply chain attack leveraging a malicious Python package ‘PyMafka’ in the PyPI registry.

June 2 2022 by

Jamf Threat Labs

Threat: PyMafka

Affects: Sonatype researchers discovered a typosquatting attack imitating the legitimate ‘pykafka’ package repository, an Apache Kafka client for Python. The attacker’s intent is that developers would misspell the legitimate package name and download the malicious one ‘PyMafka’ instead. The malware then identifies the victim's platform (macOS, Windows and Linux) and downloads the respective Cobalt Strike payload.

Such attacks are not uncommon on macOS. Recently the CrateDepression malware leveraged a similar typosquatting technique hosting a malicious crate named ‘rustdecimal’ in an attempt to imitate the legitimate ‘rust_decimal' package.

Prevented by: Jamf Protect threat prevention blocks the execution of this malware.

Malicious URLs (as published by Sonatype):

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