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Leverage the power of Managed App Configuration
May 31, 2016 by Nick Amundsen

Leverage the power of Managed App Configuration

JAMF Software unveils Managed App Configuration Generator; a tool to help app developers define the settings that are available for their apps.

When Apple released iOS 7, they released an API for app developers called Managed App Configuration, aka ManagedAppConfig. ManagedAppConfig allows IT administrators to define settings for their end users and provide them with a customized, streamlined experience so users get up and running with apps very quickly.

Examples of how ManagedAppConfig can be leveraged range from specifying server URLs to customizing the look and feel of an app so it’s branded to your organization’s standards.

Current state of ManagedAppConfig
It’s been nearly three years since the announcement of this exciting capability, and there have been numerous developments since then:

  • On September 18, 2013, JAMF Software supported ManagedAppConfig the same day iOS 7 shipped via the Casper Suite 9 release.
  • JAMF implemented ManagedAppConfig in both Self Service and Casper Focus to help end users and teachers quickly start using apps provided by their IT administrators.
  • On February 23, 2016, JAMF partnered with IBM, VMware, and MobileIron to form the AppConfig Community and further its vision of supporting native frameworks provided by Apple.

A better app experience
The purpose of the AppConfig Community is to provide tools and best practices around native capabilities in mobile operating systems. This enables a more consistent, open, and simple way to configure and secure mobile apps in order to increase mobile adoption in business.

One of the tools provided by the AppConfig Community is a standard schema that helps app developers define the settings that are available for their apps in a common format; allowing device management tools to expose and describe those settings to IT admins.

Today, we’re proud to announce our initial support of this schema via the Managed App Configuration Generator, which reads files that conform to the schema, displays a refined user interface for an IT admin to configure settings, and allows the IT admin to easily distribute those settings to devices and create delightful experiences for end users.

With more than 60 members in the AppConfig Community already, we believe that the adoption of MangedAppConfig will continue to increase over time. We’re embracing this movement to the highest degree possible to enable better experiences for IT and for end users.

To get started with the Managed App Configuration Generator today, please see our example schema files for both Casper Focus and Self Service.

If you’re an app developer who wants to learn more about how to support the Managed App Configuration Schema, visit AppConfig.org.

If you’re an IT administrator who has specific use cases where Managed App Configuration could help automate apps you use today, we’d love to hear your story and help work with the developers of those apps. Contact dr@jamfsoftware.com for more information today!

Nick Amundsen
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