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Managing Apple in government

Posted in: Jamf Pro, Business

Government organizations have long developed strategies for desktop security and support, but when federal, state and local organizations are deploying more Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices than ever before, existing security configurations and tools need to evolve to address the unique set of challenges for government. To do this, organizations need a streamlined method to manage Mac and iOS as efficiently as PC, and a process to keep pace with the ever-changing mobility landscape.

And when it comes to device management, government organizations face many unique challenges. From enforcing security baselines and compliancy reporting, to modernizing the management of hardware, government organizations cannot afford any gaps in the management and deployment of technology, especially considering the mission critical nature of the work of their employees.

Couple these challenges with the unique nuance of the Apple ecosystem (like an OS release cycle that is faster than common federal validation processes), government organizations worldwide are left in response mode. Including the response to Apple’s new Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchase Program (VPP) services that might not align to current deployment strategies. It’s not only about adapting to change, it’s about streamlining their process to keep pace with an evolving mobile landscape.

Watch the below video and learn how pairing device management with native Apple technologies is the best way to enforce security requirements, streamline operations, and empower a mobile and productive cross-generational workforce — all while demonstrating ROI. This video also explains how to use CIS and STIG standards to apply federal mandates to your current Apple devices.