Jamf releases a new API connector for Okta workflows

Learn about Jamf’s two API connectors for Okta Workflows and how they empower Jamf + Okta customers to extend capabilities while automating actions with minimal coding knowledge required.

July 11 2023 by

Vincent Bonnin

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Jamf provides two API (Application Programming Interface) connectors for the Okta Workflows low/no-code automation platform. It allows our Jamf + Okta customers to perform automated actions on their managed Apple devices and further expand their user lifecycle automation without manually writing complex API scripts.

In today's digital landscape, efficient and streamlined workflows are essential for organizations to save time and costs. From user lifecycle scenarios to device management automated actions, the need for seamless integrations between different platforms is a priority for IT admins worldwide.

To fulfill these needs, Okta provides Okta Workflows, a low/no-code automation platform that empowers admins to create custom workflows and automate tasks across various systems and applications. Okta Workflows has over sixty connections to some of the most-used applications on the market and from developers such as Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack, Zoom, Atlassian and many others.

Streamlining Identity and Device Management

Back in 2021, Jamf released the first API connector on the Okta Workflows platform that leverages the Jamf Pro Classic API. This connector was the first step towards better integrating Apple device management within global, user lifecycle management.

Do you want to learn more about the Jamf Pro Classic API connector?

But we didn’t stop there. Did you know that Jamf Pro provides not one but two APIs? Compared to the Classic API, the newer Jamf Pro API provides a more modern approach to interface with Jamf Pro, offering new features and exclusive API endpoints as Jamf Pro gets updated over time. That’s why our team worked hard to release a new Okta Workflows connector for the Jamf Pro API, giving our customers even more automation capabilities!

So what exactly can you achieve with our API connectors?

Here are a few Apple device management scenarios that are possible using Okta Workflows:

  • Lock a Mac or an iPhone as soon as a user is disabled within Okta
  • Automatically redeploy the Jamf Management framework on computers
  • Deploy custom macOS packages via MDM commands
  • Send a daily summary about managed/unmanaged devices in Jamf Pro to Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Automatically update inventory extension attributes based on third-party events
  • Distribute configuration profiles using time filters or schedules
  • Return macOS FileVault 2 Personal Recovery Keys in Slack or Microsoft Teams
Example of an Okta Workflow collecting a FileVault recovery key and sending it to a Slack channel

Do you want to learn more about our new Jamf Pro API connector? You can read its complete documentation to help you better understand its capabilities and how to deploy it within your own environment.

Ready to streamline your device lifecycle management tasks?

The introduction of the Jamf Pro API connector in Okta Workflows represents an additional step forward in streamlining identity and device management for organizations that heavily rely on Apple devices. This powerful integration empowers IT administrators to automate workflows, optimize processes and improve productivity without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

If you are a Jamf and Okta customer, why not try out these new API connectors and discover a whole new world of integration capabilities?

If you are not yet a Jamf customer, you can get started today by requesting a trial.

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