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New to Mac management?

Posted in: Enterprise, Education

Did your company recently implement a technology-choice program? Or maybe your school has a new Mac lab? At the end of the day, Mac’s growing presence in business and school settings cannot be denied. Now, as more devices show up at your door, you’re tasked with managing each Mac and ensuring users have what they need once they turn on their device.

Well, you’ve come to the right place because Mac management is in our DNA. Not only has Jamf been recommended as customer’s choice for client management by Gartner, but we’ve also recently created a comprehensive guide on everything you need to know to successfully manage Mac.

The 411 on MDM and client management
While Apple’s mobile device management (MDM) framework provides basic control over Mac, macOS is a more robust platform than iOS or tvOS and requires more advanced functionality. Client management (only available for macOS), allows you to install a Mac agent, or binary, immediately after the device is enrolled into management.

Key client management functions:

  • Install PKG/DMG
  • Enforce FileVault
  • Bind to Directory
  • Run Scripts
  • Install Printers
  • Create Accounts
  • Set Software Update
  • Customize Dock
  • Set EFI Firmware

Mac management basics and beyond
Whether you’re brand new to Mac management or simply looking for an overview to refresh your skills, our comprehensive Mac management guide provides:

  • An introduction to Mac management
  • Explanation of Apple services and programs available
  • Outline of lifecycle management stages
  • Insight for infrastructure planning
  • Overview of the industry-leading Mac management solution

Added bonus: Best practices are included to help you along the way!

Not much of a reader? Give one of our Mac experts a call today to discuss your unique needs and environment. Or better yet, take Jamf Pro for a free test drive and get some hands-on experience with a decorated Apple management solution.