NTT Docomo and Jamf, empower ICT education in Japan with cellular iPad devices

Manabu Inui from NTT DOCOMO, joined us at JNUC to share a case study on the ICT education in Japan with cellular iPad devices by NTT DOCOMO managed by Jamf.

September 29 2020 by

Kathryn Joy

NTT DOCOMO supports communication technology across industries from business to healthcare and education to resolve regional disparities in technology access. In this JNUC session, the focus is on education optimization and innovation with ICT networks and access, leading to a new education landscape. Together, NTT DOCOMO and Jamf power ICT education with managed cellular iPad devices in Japan to achieve this.

In a 2018 OECD PISA survey assessing time spent utilizing technology in the classroom and highlights that Japanese schools were falling behind in device usage and internet access. Because of this shift, Japan launched the “GIGA School Project” and NTT DOCOMO rose to the occasion and are providing the technological educational landscape the nation needs. Teachers and students across the country are being equipped with cellular iPad devices connected to the national cellular network, free of cost. With this initiative, students are empowered to learn anytime, anywhere, and teachers peace of mind that regardless of where or when, students are equipped with the devices, apps and resources they need to succeed.

Jamf Pro supports NTT DOCOMO and the ICT education initiative as the mobile device management (MDM) solution and was selected for Jamf’s ability to:

  • Optimize, not limit device usage
  • Protect and support schools
  • Deploy Apps and resources en masse
  • Empower users with devices and software

Jamf empowers NTT to deliver on the goals of the initiative and optimize the experience from deployment to the end user experience and support. In this session, a video of this highlighted students in Kumamoto City and the growing success there. Two years ago, 23,460 iPad devices were distributed city-wide — delivering approximately one device for every three people. As of this year, there will one iPad for each student and the total count distributed rising to 64,430 devices.

The work doesn’t end there. With students and teachers connected through best-in-class Apple devices, the NTT DOCOMO network, managed by Jamf Pro, the focus is shifting to curricula and learning pedagogy to shape the next phase of ICT education.

NTT DOCOMO connects people to technology and to each other in education, and Jamf powers the solutions to do so. The work for ICT Education is extensive and ongoing.

Watch the complete JNUC session, now available on demand.

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