Restrict assistive technologies during exams

With the latest Apple iOS and Casper Suite releases, schools can now restrict dictionary, spell check, auto correction, and quick type capabilities on student iPad devices during online exams.

March 11 2015 by

Dave Saltmarsh

Restrict assistive technology during exams on iPad

Dictionary, spell check, auto correction, and quick type capabilities are a part of most of our lives. However, most exam organizations do not allow these tools to be available to students during testing. Apple’s recent 8.1.3 iOS update provided the necessary configuration profiles to restrict access to these functions.

Following the release of version 9.64 of the Casper Suite, it’s easy to implement several new configuration profiles that support digital exam requirements. These configuration profiles now allow for optional restriction of:

  • Dictionary
  • Spell check
  • Auto correction
  • Quick type

The Casper Suite update provides a simple GUI to disable these features when conducting exams. And, just as important, the ability to easily return features during routine class time.

iPad continues to be great for learning
These new configuration profiles are a giant step in keeping the iPad as one of the best tools for learning and for conducting online standardized tests. With management from the Casper Suite, students are able to use their iPad to learn, while still only being able to access the right technologies at the right time.

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