Enhance the retail experience with Carousel, Jamf and Apple TV

The Apple platform is key in helping the retail industry to grow. Read on to see how Jamf and Carousel Digital Signage help retail locations thrive with Apple using retail digital signage.

December 5 2023 by

Amber Ward

Retail digital signage from Carousel and Jamf

Carousel helps to tackle retail challenges.

Within the retail environment, there are challenges when informing and engaging with front-line teams.

From connecting your stores with your corporate office to training and onboarding your new employees, communication can be difficult, but that’s where Carousel shines.

What is retail digital signage from Carousel?

Carousel helps you streamline communications for your teams.

It doesn't seek to replace your existing tools, but rather, it acts as a dynamic hub that supercharges your communications by enhancing the efficiency of what you already have in place. Carousel keeps it tailored and concise to where and when you need it— on the devices you need to see it on.

In retail, Apple's platform is key, working alongside a network of partners (like Carousel) to support the industry's growth. Jamf plays a vital role in uniting these elements, ensuring smooth operations and strong security.

This cohesive system runs on iOS, enhancing both the employee and customer experience by embracing technology for retail success.

Let’s take a look at how that all works.

Why do retail stores need digital signage?

You can create and distribute dynamic, targeted content across your stores, corporate offices, and home offices in a flash using retail signage.

With Carousel, Jamf and the Apple ecosystem, you can:

  • Effortlessly harness the Apple ecosystem by turning your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV deployment into a powerfully connected real-time communications platform
  • Inform and engage front-line teams
  • Bridge the gap between corporate offices and stores
  • Highlight training and onboarding tasks
  • Celebrate your people by delivering just the right message to just the right people at just the right time

You can visit Jamf and Carousel at the NRF Big Show in Manhattan, January 14-16, 2024. Register here.

Stay connected with in-store digital signage.

Digital signage for retail stores offers real-time back-of-house employee communication.

Using retail digital signage software means you can boost employee onboarding and retention by emphasizing up-to-date training, promotions, and policies. You can also foster a culture of recognition and celebration for team members and store achievements with retail displays.

Success story: Rawden Adventures

Rawden Adventures, operating within its McDonald's Franchise Network, effectively executed this strategy across 47 restaurant locations, consistently and dynamically sharing a diverse range of information.

"We already had a separate technology partnership with Apple, and they recommended Carousel as one of the top digital signage companies that could help us remotely send content, commands, and updates, and use Apple TV devices for media players."

- Matei Mihai, Operations Supervisor, Rawden Joint Ventures.

Carousel Digital Signage’s technology partnership with Jamf is another benefit for Rawden Joint Ventures. Jamf is a mobile device management company that specializes in the Apple experience and ensures that the Carousel Cloud network and connected devices remain secure and protected.

To see how Rawden Adventures did it, view the case study.

Foster collaboration with retail digital signage.

Connect your stores with your corporate office and field leaders with consistent and cohesive messaging.

Foster collaboration between managers and employees by disseminating unified messages from your corporate office to storefronts and employee break rooms.

Informing people on a need-to-know basis fosters engagement and builds trust. Digital signage can showcase corporate metrics, inform on upcoming events and spotlight up-to-date training, promotions, and policies. This demonstrates credibility and aligns everyone towards a common purpose.

A strong digital signage network, anchored at your corporate office, can connect the entire workplace, including specific locations like storefronts and home offices. This network weaves a cohesive thread throughout the organization, keeping communications clear and unified.

Learn how to enhance the retail experience with digital signage.

Use the right retail digital signage solution.

It's imperative to make a deliberate and informed choice when selecting a vendor for your digital signage needs. Look for a solution that can seamlessly extend your content (originally crafted for your physical locations) to other vital communication channels, including your official websites and internal intranets.

By doing so, you ensure that not only the individuals who are physically present within your buildings have access to this essential content, but employees who aren't present on-site will stay informed as well. This approach not only enhances the consistency of your messaging but also fosters inclusivity and transparency across your entire digital communication ecosystem.

Discover how digital signage can help your business.

Visit Jamf's Marketplace to see how you can take advantage of the Carousel + Jamf partnership.

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