How to run telehealth programs smoothly with Jamf and Apple

Telemedicine is, increasingly, the new normal.

The International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that 20% of healthcare organizations will embrace integrated care to improve outcomes during 2021. They further predict that by 2023, 65% of patients will have received care digitally.

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Haddayr Copley-Woods

A father with a sick child on his shoulder uses Apple telehealth to speak with his doctor on a laptop.

What can telehealth do?

Telehealth visits can result in:

Types of telehealth

  • Direct medical care: Video visits, video conferencing and even chat for non-emergency issues and psychiatric and psychological assessment and appointments.
  • Remote patient monitoring: Remotely monitoring vitals and other health signals of a patient from the comfort of their own home, even for 24-hour monitoring
  • Post-surgical care: For follow-up appointments and check-ins after surgery
  • In-hospital virtual rounds: Communication between patients and staff via a hospital-provided Medical iPad
  • In-hospital connection to outside support systems: Patients in isolation can connect with loved ones at home

iPad in Healthcare: Jamf supports new trends for on-demand remote care

Regardless of the need for ad-hoc on-demand telehealth encounters, Virtual Visits powered by Jamf allows healthcare organizations to configure and instantly deploy third-party HIPPA-compliant conferencing platforms. Hospitals provide iPads to patients for temporary use. Providers can virtually care for patients, and patients can connect with loved ones and providers.

Apple telehealth as part of a patient-experience initiative

Patient comfort, communication and confidentiality can be preserved through an Apple device at the bedside that connects patients to their own care. With Jamf and Apple, IT teams can use Jamf Healthcare Listener, an electronic medical record integration to Jamf Pro, to digitally sterilize shared iOS and tvOS devices for each and every patient.

What you need to provide telehealth

Learn more about what you need, including:

  • The right hardware
  • The right solutions
  • The right security

Discover the details about how to support and benefit from telehealth at your hospital or clinic by reading Jamf’s Telehealth Essentials e-book.

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