Tech partner spotlight: Jamf and Explain Everything

Learn how Explain Everything and Jamf work together to improve the education experience for teachers and students.

July 10 2024 by

Elyse Langer

Kieran Newey

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Teachers have one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Not only do they have to ensure their students understand and retain concepts and information; they have to do it in a way that captures young people’s attention. They need lesson creation and delivery software that helps them add engagement and excitement to their lessons; is simple and easy to use; and works in any environment — from in-person to remote to hybrid. It's also critical that the classroom tools they adopt are secure, easy to manage and safe for students to use.

Explain Everything and Jamf provide optimal engagement and security

Explain Everything Advanced, Promethean’s award-winning cloud-based plan, is one of the most dynamic, easy-to-use, and powerful lesson creation and delivery tools on the market today. Millions of teachers and students across the globe have discovered the many ways Explain Everything can add engagement to lessons, streamline teaching and learning, and support hybrid educational environments.

But the benefits of Explain Everything can be even greater with the addition of Jamf School, an Apple mobile device management (MDM) solution that provides essential management and security for any educational environment. Whether students are using their devices in the classroom or remotely, schools can use Jamf School with Explain Everything to ensure they have a safe, secure and well-managed experience. It's the perfect way to add security and device management to any deployment of Explain Everything on one-to-one Apple devices in schools.

Key benefits

Everything teachers need in one place

Teachers love having all the features and resources they need in one convenient place. With Jamf, they can access a variety of school-appropriate digital content within Explain Everything — from videos to images to templates to PDFs — and easily insert it into their lessons. There’s no juggling multiple browser windows, apps or software programs.

Optimal user experience that’s easy to navigate

Jamf helps teachers safely explore the intuitive, clean and clear interface of Explain Everything, which offers an incredibly streamlined user experience. There’s no steep learning curve — they can open up an Explain Everything project file and immediately start creating. But if they want to enhance their use of Explain Everything Advanced, they can access plenty of online training videos, webinars and support.

Students get creative with their devices.

Explain Everything Advanced isn’t just for teachers. Students benefit too, especially when they are able to use the platform with their one-to-one Apple devices, managed by Jamf. They’ll have the ability to create and express themselves in new ways and then share their creations with their peers. By allowing them to build projects on the infinite whiteboard canvas with the comprehensive toolbar options or create videos that can be edited either on their own or shared with their fellow classmates, they become infinitely more engaged in the learning process and are able to drive their own educational experience.

Students are on task and productive.

By putting Jamf on every iPad given to a student, the school can control how the device is used, which adds much-needed security and promotes greater productivity. With Jamf, schools can identify which apps can be used by students, preventing them from using the device to play games, message other students or visit inappropriate websites. They get automatic access to materials that are directly related to the subject matter, while unrelated content is hidden.

Students are easily directed to appropriate apps.

If a teacher finds an app they want to use for their class, they simply have to make a request to their IT administrator, who then gives the green light. Teachers are able to use Jamf to lock their students into whatever app they are using to prevent them from wandering off to some corner of the internet — far from the lesson at hand. They can send a link within Explain Everything Advanced and have the students join a live session. That means they’ll immediately see the teacher’s annotations as they make them and add their own content, which further promotes engagement and collaboration.

IT admins’ lives are easier.

Schools’ IT staff have a lot on their plates. They need to provide functional technology to teachers and students, troubleshoot problems, provide training and ensure a secure environment. With Explain Everything Advanced, they know they’re giving teachers and students an easy-to-use lesson creation and delivery tool that doesn’t require a lot of training and won’t cause issues that need to be fixed. And with Jamf School, many of their tasks are made even easier with advanced MDM functionality.

Dashboards provide a bird’s eye view of all devices.

The centralized dashboard of Jamf School allows IT admins to keep track of all devices, users and apps from a single location. They can see the status of the devices quickly and deal with any problems right away. The classroom management functionality is all drag and drop, so they can add or subtract apps and content and create restrictions hassle-free. An incident system allows IT staff to keep track of devices that are damaged or have other problems.

There’s an app for that!

Jamf has special apps for all stakeholders to ensure they get the best experience possible. The Jamf Teacher app provides teachers with all the tools they need to manage their classroom and keep their students focused on their lessons. The Jamf Assessment app can be used by teachers and test proctors to oversee students’ screens and third-party video screens at all times. The Jamf Student app offers students limited control over their devices, including setup, document storage and approved apps. The Jamf Parent app provides device control to parents, such as allowing them to limit app and device functionality.

How the integration works

  1. Device management by Jamf: Jamf deploys and configures devices for students and educators, ensuring that the Explain Everything app is installed.
  2. User authentication: Students and educators log into their devices, with Jamf managing user authentication and access controls.
  3. App configuration by Jamf: Jamf configures settings and permissions for Explain Everything based on user roles, pushing custom settings and resources to the app.
  4. Content creation and collaboration: Educators create interactive lessons with Explain Everything, which students can access and interact with on their devices, facilitating real-time collaboration and feedback.
  5. Device monitoring and support: Jamf monitors device usage and performance, providing technical support and troubleshooting as needed.
  6. Data management: Jamf collects and manages usage data and analytics to enhance the educational experience and app usage.
  7. Security and compliance: Jamf ensures that devices and data comply with educational policies and regulations, applying regular updates and security patches.

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The possibilities are endless

With Explain Everything Advanced, both teachers and students have access to unlimited ways to express themselves, collaborate on projects and think outside the box. But with all of that opportunity for creativity comes a certain amount of risk. Student activities need to be reined in, and teachers need help to ensure they don’t inadvertently expose students to inappropriate content. By combining the boundless freedom of Explain Everything Advanced with the convenient security and management features of Jamf School, teachers, administrators, students, and families can rest assured that the educational experience is the best it can possibly be.

About Jamf

Jamf’s purpose is to simplify work by helping organizations manage and secure an experience that end users love and organizations trust. Jamf is the only company in the world that provides a complete management and security solution for an Apple-first environment that is enterprise secure, consumer simple and protects personal privacy. To learn more, visit

About Explain Everything

Explain Everything, now part of Promethean, is an interactive whiteboard app designed for educators, students, and professionals to create and deliver engaging and dynamic presentations. It allows educators to draw, annotate, animate and incorporate a multitude of premium interactive resources and templates into their lessons. With tools for recording, editing and sharing videos, importing multimedia files, and sharing projects via the cloud, Explain Everything facilitates a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. The Explain Everything Advanced plan also incorporates Promethean’s popular engagement tools, Polling, Spinner and Timer, which help add excitement and engagement to any lesson. To learn more, visit

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